1890. Georges Randal, an orphan of middle-class descent, is cheated out of his inheritance by his uncle and guardian who also refuses him the hand of his daughter Charlotte, intended for a richer man. Seeking vengeance, Georges embarks on a successful career as a thief, beginning with the fiancé's parents.
Director: Louis Malle (France/Italy, 1966)
Based on the novel by Georges Darien.
Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo (Georges Randal), Geneviève Bujold (Charlotte), Marie Dubois (Geneviève Delpiels), Françoise Fabian (Ida), Julien Guiomar (Father Lamargelle), Paul Le Person (Roger La Honte), Martine Sarcey (Renée), Marlène Jobert (Broussaille), Bernadette Lafont (Marguerite), Pierre Etaix (the pickpocket)
Genre: comedy drama

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