Le temps des égarés



Sira works for the organisation responsible for awarding asylum in France. Former refugee herself, yet she unscrupulously charges asylum-seekers a small fortune for the fictional stories that might help their application. As a series of encounters gets the better of her cynicism, Abdul, an Iraqi fleeing ISIS, arrives France...
Directed by: Virginie Sauveur (France, 2017)
Screenplay: Gaëlle Bellan
Cast: Claudia Tagbo (Sira Diabate), Hadja Traore (Assa), Amer Alwan (Abdul Yassin), Biyouna (Rada), Azoul Dembele (Modibo), Géraldine Martineau (Audrey), Jean-Pierre Lorit (Jean-Paul Miller)
Genre: drama
Awards: Pyrénées d'Or prize for the best single drama, best scenario (Gaëlle Bellan), best original music (Nathaniel Mechaly) at the Luchon Festival for Television Creation 2018; prize awarded by the audience at the 2018 FIPA

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