La fiancée du pirate



Marie and her mother live miserably as outcasts in the village of Tellier, exploited by the community. The young woman is hated by the village women and coveted by the local dignitaries, who shamelessly take advantage of her. After her mother's death, Marie seeks revenge.
Direction, screenplay: Nelly Kaplan (France, 1969)
Cast: Bernadette Lafont (Marie), Georges Géret (Gaston Duvalier), Henri Czarniak (Julien), Michel Constantin (André), Claire Olivier (Marie's mother), Pascal Mazzotti (Father Dard), Julien Guiomar (the Duke), Jacques Marin (Félix Lechat), Jean Parédès (Mr Paul), Francis Lax (Émile), Claire Maurier (Irène), Louis Malle (Jésus)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: official selection (Venice 1968)
Parental guidance: TV-PG

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