Embrasse-moi !



Océanerosemarie, a very fulfilled woman in her thirties, lives surrounded by her many friends and ex-girlfriends. The only problem is that Océanerosemarie finds it very difficult to commit to a relationship as a couple. But she is forced to deal with this failing when she falls for the lovely Cécile!
Directed by: Océane Michel (Océanerosemarie), Cyprien Val (France, 2016)
Cast: Océanerosemarie (Océanerosemarie), Alice Pol (Cécile), Grégory Montel (Ludo), Sophie-Marie Larroury (Sonia), Rudy Milstein (Aurélien), Laure Calamy (Fantine), Michèle Laroque (Babouchka), Nicole Ferroni (Amandine)
Genre: comedy

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