Subtitles in 7 languages


Because subtitles make life so much easier whether you want to learn French or just enjoy the best cultural programmes, TV5MONDE Europe offers you subtitles in 7 languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Rumanian, Russian, and Spanish.




How to get TV5MONDE via Satellite (DTH Direct to Home)

Several subtitling language choices are available if the PID number is entered into the satellite receiver / set top box. Solely viewers who receive TV5MONDE via satellite (Free to Air) should use this subtitling system.


Hotbird 13D :
French PID 3762 ; German : PID 3682 ; English : PID 3722 ; Dutch : PID 3702 ; Romanian : PID 3712 ; Russian : PID 3652


Astra 1L :
French : PID 942 ; German : PID 937 ; English : PID 936 ; Spanish : PID 939 ; Dutch : PID 938 ; Romanian : PID 940 ; Russian : PID 935


Hispasat :
French : PID 998 ; English : PID 992 ; Spanish : PID 993


To check if your programme is subtitled please go to the Programme listings section on the TV5MONDE website.



How to get subtitles via your TV service provider

To get subtitles via your TV providers set top box, you should normally simply press the ST or Text button on your Sky / Virgin remote and then subtitles should be on for all programmes that have them.


Via Sky: you can choose between French and English (default) subtitles, you will need to go into the menu on your Sky box and change the language settings. Please contact us if you have any issues (email: or need further information.


Instructions on how to access subtitling for Sky viewers

Sky viewers can have a choice of English (default) or French subtitles in the UK. Subtitles can be accessed by pressing the Help button on your Sky remote (this just affects the channel you are watching at the time) or subtitles can be switched on permanently (for all channels) from the Subtitling menu within the EPG. 


If you wish to switch from English to French subtitles please see below for screenshots and instructions.


Sky viewers with a HD box need to press the Services button on their remote (or navigate to Options on the EPG) then navigate to Subtitles then change favourite language to French (see screen shot).

Sky viewers with a SD box need to press the Services button on their remote then navigate to System Setup...

...then Language & Subtitles...

...then change favourite language to French.

Then reboot your Sky box and the changed language subtitling should automatically appear when pressing the Help button when watching TV5MONDE. In case of any issues please contact Sky on 08442 411 653.



Instructions on how to access subtitling for Virgin viewers

At this time only English subtitles are available on Virgin TV. We're working with Virgin Media to enable a choice of English or French subtitles and will let you know when these are available.


Once you go to TV5MONDE on channel 825, how you access subtitles depends on whether you're using the Virgin Media TiVo service or are using a Virgin TV V+ HD, VHD or V Set Top Box.


Virgin Media: TiVo Service
To turn subtitles on or off, once you are watching TV just press the subtitles button on your TiVo remote.


Virgin Media V+ HD, VHD or V Box
Press the Guide or Fav button on your set top box remote control, then press the Blue button to show subtitles. To remove them just press the Blue button again when you have the Mini or Favourite Guides onscreen.


If any issues Virgin customers can dial 150 from their Virgin Media phone and follow the prompts or dial 0845 454 111.