The group TV5MONDE

TV5MONDE, initially named TV5, is created the 2nd of January 1984 in Paris under the leadership of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs by five public channels: TF1, Antenne 2, FR3, la Radio television Suisse (RTS) et la RTBF (hence the “5” in TV5).


1985 in France, TV5 is among the four first cable channels inaugurated in Cergy-Pontoise. Following its privatization in 1987, TF1 sells its stakes in TV5. However the channel will continue to provide content until 1995. The 1st September 1988, 2 years after the Quebec Canada television consortium joined TV5, TV5 Quebec Canada is created; it soon starts to broadcast the channel of the same name directly from Montreal.


Following the Chaillot summit in 1992, TV5 Afrique is launched. The same year and for the first time in the television history, TV5 programs are broadcasted toward Latin America and the Caribbean using digital compression. In 1996 the channel’s coverage is extended to the entire Asian continent, the southern pacific region and the United states of America as well with the subscription based service TV5 États-Unis. In 1998 the coverage is extended to toward the Maghreb and the Middle East with the launch of TV5 Orient.


In 1999, TV5 splits his European signal in two to launch TV5 France-Belgique-Suisse, a signal designed to address the Francophone Europe, and TV5 Europe for a broader coverage of the continent. Following “La Cinquième” & “Arte France” acquisition of stakes in TV5, the channel broadcasts a new programming built around hourly news flashes, 2 TV5 newscasts and the rerun of its partner’s newscast (France 2, France 3, RTS Un, RTBF (La Une), Radio-Canada). In 2000 in Vevey, following the meeting of the secretaries of states in charge of TV5, the cooperation council of the company is mandated to reform TV5’s structures to form a single global network.


In 2001 the five donor governments supporting TV5, officially grants the management of TV5 États-Unis and TV5 Amérique latine to TV5Monde, new denomination of the headquarter in Paris.


In 2005, the secretaries of states in charge of TV5 sign in Brussels the charter defining its missions, organizational chain and recalling its founding principles. The first of January 2006, TV5 is renamed TV5MONDE in order to better underline its status of global francophone channel, like BBC World News for the British.


The new denomination applies only to the eight signals managed in Paris by TV5Monde. In Canada and Québec, the channel TV5 Québec Canada operated from Montreal will keep its denomination of TV5.


In June 2009, TV5Monde launch its first Web TV dedicated to the kids: The 5th of September the same year, TV5Monde launch its Pacifique signal to cover territories from GMT +8 onward (Hong Kong – New Zealand). TV5MONDE Pacifique offers a richer programming more adapted to the time zones and the way of life of our audiences in the Pacific region.


Two months later, in December 2009, TV5Monde launches the Japanese subtitling on its Pacifique channel, followed by the Korean a year later (December 2010). In 2011, the channel launches successively the Polish subtitling in March (TV5MONDE Europe) and the Vietnamese in April (TV5MONDE Asie).


TV5MONDE+ Afrique, the first Web TV entirely dedicated to the African continent, widens the programming offer of the channel in May 2010.


The TV5MONDE universe, consisting of nine regionalized generalist channels (TV5MONDE France-Belgique-Suisse, TV5MONDE Europe, TV5MONDE Afrique, TV5MONDE Orient, TV5MONDE Asie, TV5MONDE AmériqueLatine et Caraïbes, and TV5MONDE USA) and 2 WEB TVs is enriched by the launch of its first thematic channel TiVi5mondeUSA,a youth channel dedicated to the United States market (January 2012).


Yves Bigot
Chief Executive Officer