Distribution TV5Monde Europe

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Great Britain



    Via Virgin Media the channel is available in their Full House package, so you need to be a subscriber to that package to receive TV5MONDE on channel 825. If you aren’t a subscriber then you can join or upgrade by visiting their website or calling 0845 840 7777 or virginmedia.com

    Phone: +44 (0)845 454 7777
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Pay Satellite

  • SKY

    Via Sky the channel is available in their standard package, so if you are a Sky subscriber you will have access to TV5MONDE automatically on channel 717 (this has changed from 1st May 2018 so please adjust your favourites and channels accordingly) . If you aren’t a subscriber then you can sign up to Sky via their website sky.com or calling 08442 411 818.

    ATTENTION SKY Q VIEWERS -  due to a recent Sky Q box software release the option of French subtitles is unfortunately, and we hope temporarily, no longer available. For Sky Q viewers therefore only English subtitles are now available for TV5MONDE. All other Sky boxes remain unaffected with the choice between French and English subtitles remaining. Sky are working to bring the French Subtitle option back ASAP but we have no information on when this might be. We are sorry for any  disappointment and any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any further questions, please contact Sky directly on 0330 041 2639.

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Free to air satellite

  • HOTBIRD 13D (ex13A) (Europe)
    • en PID 3722
    • fr PID 3762
  • FTA via Astra 2E

    Free to Air via Astra 2E
    From Astra 2E at 28 Degrees East
    Frequency: 11.426
    Polarisation: Vertical
    Symbol Rate: 27500
    FEC: 2/3

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  • ASTRA 1L (ex 1KR) (Europe)
    • en PID 936
    • fr PID 942