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Taste Week / La Semaine du goût is back on TV5MONDE from 19th – 25th November 2016 with a tasty menu of programmes, guaranteed to make your mouth water! There are two new documentaries: La révolution des chefs and Au Pif and an 100% French edition of Épicerie Fine, plus watch a tormented Michel Serrault in the film le bonheur est dans le pré. A great mix of items to inspire your winter meals!

All times are GMT (London). 

Documentary : La révolution des chefs /  The Chefs revolution
19th Nov at 5:30pm

Experience the incredible stories of 10 French chefs including Pierre Troisgros, Paul Bocuse, and Alain Chapel who have revolutionised French cuisine. They exported their methods the world over with unprecedented success stories. 

Did you know? The term "Nouvelle Cuisine" was coined only in 1973 after food critics Henri Gault and Christian Millau were enraptured by a French green bean salad cooked al dente, the salad was made by Paul Bocuse, in his restaurant at Collonges-au-Mont-d'Or.


Documentary : Au pif /  By the nose 
19th Nov at 6:30pm
     Véronique Rivest is one of the most respected sommeliers on the international scene.  She was the first woman to reach the podium at the global competition of sommeliers in Japan 2013 and thanks to her degustation talents she can deliver all the secrets of a good wine.



Did you know? In 2008, a sommelier was pulled over by the police in Reims due to a too high blood alcohol limit...That's what we can all risk of the job! 


Magazine : Epicerie fine : terroirs Gourmands / The fine dining deli: Local delicacies    
19th Nov at midday

Michelin starred Chef Guy Martin unveils the most iconic and delicious of French produce: Brie de Meaux, blue lobster, nougat and candied fruits ... along the way sharing stories with other passionate producers and foodies. Share with him his passion for French gastronomy!


To find out more click here


Did you know? Guy Martin shares his name with an equally famous (and charming) counterpart but that Guy Martin is an English racing car driver - don't confuse the two! 


Film : Le bonheur est dans le pré / Happiness is in the field
20th Nov at 8pm
   Francis, a goose breeder in South West France, couldn’t think of anything else but upping sticks and leaving, he could no longer cope. But fate has decided otherwise and soon Francis’s life will be overflowing with happiness… 




Director : Étienne Chatiliez
Starring : Michel Serrault, Eddy Mitchell, Sabine Azéma, Carmen Maura
Awards: César for Best French Film of the Year, Best Director César, César for Best original screenplay or adaptation in 1996




 Did you know? The poem "Le Bonheur / Happiness" by Paul Fort inspired the title of the film. It begins: "Happiness Is in the Field. Over there quickly, over there quickly. Happiness is in the meadow. Over there quickly. It goes spinning. ". Also the title of the film inspired the title of the reality show "Love is in the meadow."


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