Gastronomy Special programming for Taste Week
2018-10-01 20:07:42 TV5MONDE

Grand Cru wines, black truffles and maple syrup: we discover traditional produce from production to the plate. A Taste Week to scintillate and seduce, with excellence and “terroir” bringing the very best to delight your taste buds in October on TV5MONDE. 




Special Taste Week Programming - All times are Paris times GMT+1



Les Maîtres du vin

Weds 10th Oct at 12:30pm 

An in-depth tour of some of France’s most prestigious vineyards and passionate wine-makers. We visit Domaine Zind-Humbretch in Alsace, Domaine du Compte Liger-Belair in Burgundy and Chateau Pontet-Canet in Bordeaux.

Les Maîtres de la Truffe

Sun 14th Oct at 7:35pm 

Truffles, whilst retaining their regional character, have made a remarkable entrance in the luxury and gourmet cuisine worlds. We meet specialists with a passion for this precious tuber and its secrets.

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Le Goût d'un Pays

Tues 9th Oct at 7pm 

In light of springtime two poets from Quebec meet up to collect maple sap. Taking place during sugar season, this documentary tells the story of Quebec through one of its iconic rituals. 

And all year long enjoy our regular foodie programmes 




Épicerie Fine - terroirs gourmands

Saturdays at 1pm 

Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin presents the iconic products from French cuisine and shows us the people that work to create them. Plus enjoy a bonus recipe from Chef Martin at the end of the show.


Thursdays at 10:30am

The programme to tune into for everyone interested in what’s on their plates. The show contains reports, surveys, taste tests, test benches, including advice and simple but effective cooking hacks. 

Al Dente

Fridays at 10:30am

A combination of culinary delights, fun and laughter and gourmand culture to teach you how to make all the dishes on a menu.

Les p'tits plats de Babette

Monadays at 10:30am 

Babette, the Queen of Creole cuisine, is also an expert of all cuisines, whether from Normandy, Auvergne or South Vietnam! From the market to the kitchen, discover themes and recipes as informative as they are tasty.




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