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On the occasion of Taste Week / La semaine du goût which takes place from 19th - 25th November 2016, TV5MONDE invites you to travel with us to an eastern French-speaking destination where sensuality and culinary desires all in one lie in wait…Ladies and gentlemen, we formally present...Morocco!!

TV5MONDE offers you the opportunity to have a mini-Morocco in your kitchen with our 100% traditional recipe for the famous Cornes de Gazelle aka Gazelle horns, a traditional Moroccan sweet delicacy of crescent-shaped cookies filled with a variety of sweet spices. Give them a try and we are willing to bet there won’t be many left after the delicious smells waft around your home! The recipe is delicious and easy to make. 

You need the following ingredients:

-    For the pastry
300g plain flour
100g butter
One vanilla sugar sachet  OR 1-2 tsps of vanilla extract
A pinch of salt
3 tbsps of orange blossom water 
Lukewarm water for mixing the pastry 

-     For the filling
400g ground almonds
20g melted butter
120g caster sugar
 Pinch of cinnamon 
 Sprinkle of Gum Arabic aka Acacia seeds
 2-3 tbsps of orange blossom water 
Start by preparing your pastry by mixing together the flour, salt, vanilla, melted butter, then adding the 3 tbsps of orange blossom and warm water gradually until you have a smooth, soft dough.

Knead your dough gently for a few minutes, shape into 4 balls and let them rest making sure to cover them with cling film. 

And now to the filling: mix the ground almonds, sugar, butter, cinnamon and your gum arabic / ground acacia seeds if required, then add a few tbsps of orange blossom water to the mix  to make your almond paste, then form into four small tubes.

Then take a ball of dough, flatten it out thinly without any tears / rips, then put your filling in the centre of your dough, then fold and press both edges together so they stick firmly together. Shape with fingertips to obtain a horn-like effect and cut off excess dough with a knife or pizza cutter then prick with a fork / cocktail stick

Place your horns on baking paper / greaseproof paper on a baking, let stand one hour and then bake at 180 degrees for about 15 min.

Let cool a few minutes, and voila! Your cakes are delicious and ready for tasting.

To make it a truly authentic Moroccan taste fest, enjoy your gazelle horns with mint tea and a few sweet-roasted nuts. 


© Les cornes de gazelle, Khaoula.S, 2016

Khaoula S., TV5MONDE

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