French lifestyle Louis Vuitton - no. 1 French designer throughout the decades
2017-01-03 21:04:07 TV5MONDE

For the New Year, TV5MONDE is celebrating French design and luxury artisans. We cannot cite savoir-faire and design in French without starting with the legendary Louis Vuitton. 

Today, the name Louis Vuitton as well as the logo are the most famous French brands in the world

It all began at a time when horse-drawn carriages, trains and steamers were the main modes of transport and where baggage was cumbersome and quite rough. Louis Vuitton, a Franc-Comtois (Jurassien) aged only 16, decided to head in the direction of Paris to become apprentice luggage maker in a workshop in Paris, where he quickly established himself as a renowned craftsman. He spent 17 years there before opening his first workshop in Paris, not far from the Place Vendôme. Louis Vuitton's career thus started in a demanding artisan / craft sector where exceptional skills and know-how are essential, with practical trunks, flat-shaped, easy to hang or tidy and tailored trunks are designed and made to meet the wishes of its customers.

Inspired by the world of transportation and travel, Louis Vuitton subsequently created quality luggage and luggage of such luxury that it will revolutionize the leather goods industry.

Then, in 1885 Georges Vuitton, the son of the founder, decided to develop the brand abroad. This involved the opening of two stores, the first in London and the second in New York. However, the internationalization of the brand meant that counterfeiting, still rife today for luxury brands, started to rise. 

To combat counterfeiting, Georges Vuitton created in 1896 the "Monogram LV", which became the emblem of the famous French imprint.

From the 20th century, the Parisian Louis Vuitton continued to expand by innovating and expanding its product lines. In 1987, the French label became a multinational company by merging with Moët Hennessy to form the world's leading luxury group, LVMH.

In 1989, the image of Louis Vuitton has a classic and luxurious appearance when businessman Bernault Arnault bought the group LVMH. He developed new areas of activity for Louis Vuitton, and the brand no longer be specialized in luggage and bags only, but took its first steps into perfumery and cosmetics, ready-to-wear clothing, shoes, watchmaking And since 2009 jewellery also. 

In 1997, Bernard Arnault spoke to Marc Jacobs and appointed him artistic director of Louis Vuitton, who devoted a lot of energy and time to change the image of Louis Vuitton and made the brand trendy and a must have luxury item, in time this attracted wealthy young clients from many countries around the world.

The legendary Louis Vuitton brand is, and will remain, a French label emblematic of luxury know-how and design in the world of fashion, which has been able to align tradition, craftsmanship, follow trends and tastes throughout history.


Khaoula S., TV5MONDE


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