Fashion Haute couture week from 22nd - 29th Jan!
2017-01-25 22:49:24 TV5MONDE

Fashion week continues in Paris, from 22nd to 29th January, this time celebrating luxury and Haute Couture. These fashion shows will welcome the fashion greats and geniuses such as Karl Lagerfeld famed for his eccentric creations, Valentino and his romanticism, Jean-Paul Gaultier and his love of boho style or Eli Saab and his poetically inspired designs and many more...

These shows will take place in some of most fashionable places around Paris, aka the fashion capital, in places such as the famous hotel of the Place Vendome - "The Ritz", the Rodin Museum and many others.

To see the dates of the catwalk shows and for more info click here 

Also each week with TV5MONDE plunge into the heart of Parisian and International Haute Couture with our weekly programme Tendance XXI:

Tendance XXI - Showing the very best of French creation and style in the fields of fashion, crafts, design, beauty, cooking ... The programme allows a glimpse into a world of skill and know-how that is unparalleled at staying with or even ahead of future trends and styles. Presenter: Viviane Blassel.

Showing Saturdays at 4pm don't miss the next edition on Saturday 28th Jan where you can find out about the fabulous career of Jean-Claude Jitrois, THE official dresser to the stars...from Rihanna to Charlotte Rampling, via Céline Dion ...


Khaoula S., TV5MONDE 


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