Events A winning weekend for TV5MONDE at the Luchon TV Festival!
2017-02-07 20:50:19 TV5MONDE

Ten awards received at the Luchon TV Festival 

For the 7th consecutive year, TV5MONDE was in partnership with the Festival des création télévisuelles de Luchon (Luchon’s TV content creation festival). Five French dramas supported by the International French-speaking channel received awards. In total, 10 awards were given to dramas acquired by TV5MONDE by the official judging panel, which was this year presided over by Serge Moati.

In the DRAMA SERIES category 

Manon 20 ans was awarded with:

•    The Audience Award for Best Series
•    The Jury Award for Best Original Soundtrack
•    The Jury Award for Best Screenplay
•    The Jury Award for Best Female Performance for Alba Gaia Bellugi
•    The Pyrénées d’Or for Best Series

Screenplay: Jean-Xavier de Lestrade
Produced by: Images and Compagnie/Nicole Collet
Cast: Alba Gaia Bellugi, Marina Foïs, Théo Cholbi, Xavier Mathieu, Claire Bouanich

In the TV MOVIE category  

 La bête curieuse was awarded with:

•    The Isabelle Nataf Critics award
•    The Pyrénées d’Or for Best TV Movie

Screenplay: Laurent Perreau
Produced by: Ex-Nihilo (Agat Films)/Muriel Meynard
Cast: Laura Smet, Samir Guesmi, Naidra Ayadi

La soif de vivre was awarded with:

•    The Audience Award for Best TV Movie

Screenplay: Lorenzo Gabriele
Produced by: Flach Film/Jean-Francois Lepetit, Sylvette Frydman, Antoine Du Vivier
Cast: Claire Keim, Gregory Montel, Shemss Audat

Le mari de mon mari (My Husband’s Husband) was awarded with:

•    The Jury Award for Best Male Performance for Jérome Robart

Screenplay: Charles Nemes
Produced by: MFP/Delphine Wautier
Cast: Julie Depardieu, Mathias Mlekuz, Jerôme Robart

Oblomov  was awarded with:

•    The Jury Award for Best Promising Actress

Screenplay: Guilaume Galliene
Produced by: Agat Films/Patrick Sobelman, Marie Balducchi
Cast: Yves Gasc, Céline Samie, Guillaume Gallienne, Nicolas Lormeau, Adeline d’Hermy, Sébastien Pouderoux



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