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2019-01-31 11:40:01 TV5MONDE

Childhood sweethearts,  cross-cultural romances , unusual and eternal love stories...For Valentine's Day TV5MONDE has prepared an irresistible selection of programmes celebrating love in all its forms!


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Thurs 14th Feb at 9pm 

An ode to love and life

When she unexpectedly meets her first love again, Aurore is hoping for a new and fulfilled life. Saying goodbye to the fifty-something blues, Aurore is determined to make the most of her new life! An unusual and lively romantic comedy!

Director: Blandine Lenoir (France, 2016)
Screenplay: Jean-Luc Gaget, Blandine Lenoir
Starring: Agnès Jaoui


Documentary : Jeanne Moreau, l’affranchie
Sunday 17th Feb at 7:30pm 

The greatest sex symbol of French cinema 

Many men including Pierre Cardin, Louis Malle and Jean-Louis Trintignant fell under the spell of the beautiful, sensual and liberated Jeanne Moreau. For her, private and professional life were intertwined. A portrait of a unique sex symbol. 

Director: Virginie Linhart (France, 2017)



Documentary : Cocteau Marais, un couple mythique
Thursday 14th Feb at 12:30pm 

The art of love and an endless passion for the arts 

This is the story of a passionate couple, Jean Cocteau, poet, novelist, draftsman, playwright and avant-garde filmmaker, and Jean Marais, a popular actor, a man of many parts and a mega star of French cinema.

Director: Yves Riou, Philippe Pouchain (France, 2013)




Documentary : Secrets d’histoire: Louis-Philippe & Marie-Amélie
Tuesday 12th Feb at 6:40pm 1

The last French royal couple. 

Louis-Philippe and Marie-Amélie were an inseparable couple, with a lifestyle that was decidedly different from their predecessors. They reigned for eighteen years, from 1830 to 1848, leading an eventful life while France was in turmoil...


Tuesdays at 3:20pm 
A stroll around Paris, the most romantic city in the world! Each episode explores a street in the capital and its surroundings.


Learn and teach the language of love...

Take a look at our selection of romantic ideas to do in Paris here

Resources for teachers: Teach and love and language via song! 

Discover French Kiss by Black M, L'hymne à l'amour by Patricia Kaas or Les amoureux de Adelbert by Claire Keim


Great love stories are just a click away...

Meet lovers and hear their stories from all over the world here 

Tristan and Isolde: Tristan and Isolde: a passionate love story and timeless legend... Watch the video 



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