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TV5MONDE is proud to be a long-term and valued sponsor of the BFI London Film Festival and is celebrating 12 years of partnership in 2017!  

243 features. 67 countries. 15 cinemas. 12 days. One Festival. 4th - 15th October 2017

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With over 243 films there is a vast amount of choice for everyone, there are 66 productions from France including feature films, short films, documentaries and more. Take a look at the full ist here

And here are some of the biggest French-language films making waves and heading up several festival categories this year. 

L'AMANT DOUBLE by François Ozon (Dare Gala)

With Marine Vacth, Jérémie Renier, Jacqueline Bisset
France-Belgium 2017

France’s former enfant terrible François Ozon returns to the Festival with a deliciously duplicitous tale of psychoanalysis and seduction. Channelling the spirits of Hitchcock and De Palma at their naughtiest, Ozon’s frisky new thriller tells the story of Chloé, a former model plagued by undiagnosed stomach pains. Advised her condition could be psychosomatic, she consults a handsome psychiatrist named Paul, with whom she promptly embarks on a romantic relationship. But Chloé’s new beau is a mysterious fellow, revealing little about his past. When she stumbles across the information that Paul has a twin, she secretly tracks him down, only to discover that this mysterious sibling is also a psychoanalyst. Desperate to uncover the truth, Chloé books herself in for a session. But it is not long before she realises the two brothers take a very different approach to therapy. Boasting images so lascivious they would make Sigmund Freud blush, Ozon’s provocative, playfully campy adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ novel Lives of the Twins is a wickedly twisted enigma, reminiscent of the director’s earlier thrillers Criminal Lovers and Swimming Pool. At once coolly clinical and palpably erotic, this heady dose of cinephilic fetishism is guaranteed to get you going, whatever your preference. (Michael Blyth) 

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Dir Benjamin Renner, Patrick Imbert
Prod Didier Brunner, Philippe Logie, Vincent Tavier
Scr Benjamin Renner, Jean Regnaud
With the voices of Guillaume Darnault, Damien Wietecka, Kamel Abdelssadok
France, 2017

This hilarious trio of farmyard tales features some of the wisest cracking animals that you ever could hope to meet.

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From the Oscar-winning director of The Artist, a brilliantly realised portrait of France’s maestro director Jean-Luc Godard spiralling into philosophical and romantic crisis.

Dir-Scr Michel Hazanavicius
Prod Florence Gastaud, Michel Hazanavicius, Riad Sattouf, Simone Gattoni
With Louis Garrel, Stacy Martin, Bérénice Bejo
France, 2017


Michel Hazanavicius’ biopic of French cinema’s most notorious director, Jean-Luc Godard, is an audacious feat of multi-layered storytelling. Adapted from the autobiographical novel Un an après by actor Anne Wiazemsky, Redoubtable portrays her marriage to Godard and its unravelling in the midst of his spectacular philosophical and artistic meltdown during the volatile moment of national protest in 1968. Hazanavicius demonstrates some serious directorial prowess by taking us on a journey that begins with a jaunty, lightly comedic tone, set at the outset of their marriage. There is an abundance of playful Godardian cinematic flourishes that hit the mark as both parody and loving tribute to the great innovator. But then the tone shifts to something darker and more emotive as Godard is caught up in the protest movement and follows a nihilistic path that sees him lose touch with his audience and reject his wife. With outstanding production design that brilliantly conjures up 1968 France and eager, convincing performances from Louis Garrel as the hawkish, pompous Godard and Stacy Martin as the mesmerising, talented Wiazemsky, there is much to enjoy in this political, philosophical and biographical roller coaster. (Stuart Brown) Find out more / get tickets here

120 BPM (BEATS PER MINUTE) / 120 BATTEMENTS PAR MINUTE (Official Competition)

Dir Robin Campillo
Prod Hugues Charbonneau, Marie-Ange Luciani
Scr Robin Campillo, Philippe Mangeot
With Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Arnaud Valois, Adèle Haenel
France, 2017


Pulsating with life and pounding with urgency, this rousing, heart-breaking celebration of political activism is nothing short of a modern queer classic. Drawing directly on personal experience, Robin Campillo’s extraordinary account of AIDS activist group ACT UP-Paris in the 1990s begins in the thick of it – at a group meeting. As members discuss action and debate strategy, a small gang of fresh recruits are welcomed into the fold. Among the newbies is introspective, HIV-negative Nathan, who finds himself instantly drawn to outspoken group member Sean. As Nathan becomes more involved in the group’s activities – from closed-off meetings to direct action in medical labs, school playgrounds and political rallies – his romantic relationship with Sean develops. With much of the drama taking place in the meeting space, Campillo’s film thrives on the power of discourse. So rarely has the palpable exhilaration and frustration of activism been so richly rendered on screen, with the weekly gatherings that punctuate the film exuding passion and anger. But far more than a cerebral account of political action, this is a deeply emotional and bracingly sensual film, which ignites the heart and body just as much as it incites the mind. (Michael Blyth) Find out more / get tickets

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