Events Special programming for the 50th Anniversary of May 1968
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In May TV5MONDE invites you to (re)discover the events of May 1968, the social and political movement that made French history fifty years ago, through a selection of special programmes. 



May 1968, a movement of social, cultural and political unrest  


Initially, May '68 was first an unprecedented movement of student revolt, which started in France in May-June 1968, brought on by the troubles inside French universities: the quality of traditional teaching and insufficient ways to express themselves among other elements 

This movement is identified as a spectacular Franco-international crisis that was provoked by Parisian student youth, and which spread gradually into the  workplace and most sectors of the population throughout France and ended with strikes and a general social crisis, directed against Gaullist rule, capitalism, consumerism, and US imperialism.

The movement also touched the cultural scene: 1968 was a troubled year for the Cannes Film Festival, which was interrupted before its closure under the pressure of protesting filmmakers like Jean-Luc Godard or François Truffaut. Find out more here.

Today, the events of May '68 mark a fundamental time of impact on French society, the emblem of a challenge to traditional institutions.

The repercussions of May 1968: 

May 1968 created the emergence of new values ​​around the values of the individual, in personal achievement, autonomy and creativity, which are today at the heart of French and Western society more generally. Here are a few examples:

  • The authoritarian structure of national education was transformed into that of a more active participation / role of the student
  • The opening of debate and speech not only in the field of education, but also within family circles and society
  • The participation of students and parents in student councils and the redefinition of school rules 
  • Creation of the National Employment Agency which when merged with Assédic (Unemployement insurance agency) and became Pôle emploi (The Job centre)
  • The notion of a traditional family is discarded, people then will freely choose their own family unit
  • Putting men and women on an equal footing
  • Obtaining women's rights to autonomy


May 1968 special programmes on TV5MONDE

* All times are Paris time GMT +2


Sacré mois de mai !

Sunday 6th May at 19:30

May 1968 was a landmark event in the second half of the 20th century which shook French society, profoundly and permanently challenging its traditional values. In the Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picardie, then thriving French economic centres, things would be very different this month.
Directed by: Dominique Dreyfus, Marie-Jo Pareja (France, 2018)


Weds 9th May at 21:00

In the spring of 1968, thousands of college and university students took to the streets to protest against the status quo. Their demonstrations sparked off a general strike. Why did France nearly see a second revolution fifty years ago? The events are related by those who experienced them firsthand.
Directed by: Emmanuel Amara (France, 2017)


Nés en 68, nous nous aimerons jusqu'à la mort

Part 1 : Thurs 24th May at 21:00 

Part 2 : Thurs 31st May at 21:00 

Paris 1968. Aged 20, Catherine, Yves and Hervé are students and are a trio in love, during the May revolt. Dreaming of a communal utopia, they move to the Lot region, but reality comes knocking in the form of money troubles and harsh farm life. 
Directed by: Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau (France, 2008)

* All times are Paris time GMT +2


  • Agnès Varda, widow of Jacques Demy, is considered as one of the greatest french filmmakers of all time. In february, Jerusalem Cinematheque pays her tribute with special screenings of her iconic artwork (more info here).

    In April, TV5MONDE will offer a special retrospective of 3 movies by Agnès Varda - watch this space!

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