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On 7th June TV5MONDE is celebrating an evening of Quebec cinema with multi-award nominated film  "Insoumis / Corbo" followed by the Québec Cinema Gala awards ceremony 2018*All times are Paris time 


Thurs 7th June at 9pm*


Based on the life of Jean Corbo. 

Montreal, spring 1966. In a rapidly changing Québec, 16-year-old Jean Corbo, son of a Quebecoise mother and an Italian father, is torn between his two affiliations. After befriending two young left-wing activists, he joins the Front de liberation du Québec, a clandestine radical group ...

Directed by / screenplay: Mathieu Denis (Canada, 2015)
Cast: Anthony Therrien (Jean Corbo), Antoine L´Écuyer (François), Karelle Tremblay (Julie), 
Awards: several nominations (Berlinale 2015, Jutra 2016)


Thurs 7th June at 11pm 



The annual awards ceremony for the best films in Québec cinema is hosted by actresses Guylaine Tremblay and Édith Cochrane. A total of 13 Iris awards are awarded, including the Iris Tribute to director and screenwriter André Forcier.

Presented by: Guylaine Tremblay, Edith Cochrane.



  • Insoumis tells the story of the Jean Corbo affair, a teenager who died in 1966 on the sidelines of actions led by the Liberation Front of Québec. Director Mathieu Denis had the idea of ​​the film from his father who had told him about the Corbo affair that had stood out in his memories. 
  • Created in 1999, the "Jutra Awards Night" was officially renamed in 2015 as the  "Québec Cinéma Gala". The awards, previously known as "Jutra" became the "Iris" awards.
  • Director Xavier Dolan has received an Iris for Best Film three times cluding his first film at just 20 years old.


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