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2018-01-31 17:41:45 TV5MONDE

The 14th February is fast approaching and TV5MONDE has put together a special selection of programmes for the occaison. With romantic comedies and love-filled documentaries take a look at love in all its aspects in February on TV5MONDE. All times listed are Paris time GMT +1. 


Sunday 11th Feb at 9pm*

Fifteen year-old Tamara has a complex about her weight. Determined to silence the snide remarks after moving up to sixth form college, she bet her best friend that she would manage to date the next boy who came into the classroom. Enter Diego, the best-looking boy in the school...
Directed by: Alexandre Castagnetti (France/Belgium, 2015)



Thurs 15th Feb at 9pm*

If no prince can awaken sleeping beauty in five days, she will die. Two fairies are sent to Paris, the city of lovers, to find the right man. Transported to the 21st century, they quickly realise the task is more complicated than they thought.  
Directed by: Flavia Coste (France/Canada, 2015)



Sun 18th Feb at 9pm*

Denis is a loving but overworked father. To make ends meet, he juggles several small jobs while raising his two daughters alone. One day, once too often he forgets to collect one of them from school. A social worker forces him to take a course on parenthood.
Directed by: Sophie Reine (France, 2016)
Awards: nominated for the Césars 2017 (best first film); nominated for the Angoulême French-language film festival 2016




Weds 21st Feb at 2:55pm*

-The wedding dress: behind-the-scenes look at an incredible institution
-The wedding bouquet: its story dates back to antiquity
-The wedding of Louis XIV and Madame de Maintenon: one of the most discreet weddings in French history



Weds 14th Feb at 12:30pm*

Exploring the troubled area of marital relationships, creativity and fame, Annie Butor describes the years of happy complicity between her mother Madeleine Rabereau and the artist Léo Ferré. Delphine Morel´s documentary is a free adaptation of the book, ''Comment voulez-vous que j'oublie...'' (But how can I forget...).
Directed by: Delphine Morel (France, 2017)

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