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For the foodies

My (little) cabbage

mon chou (we actually don’t know if it is referring to the pastry chou or to the vegetable) Chouchou is also used as well as mon bout d’chou, choupinette 

My barley sugar

mon sucre d’orge

My marchmallow

mon chamallow

My sweetie

ma douce


For the animal-lovers

My flea 

ma puce (for ladies only) or pupuce 

My doe

ma biche or my bichette (a little doe) for ladies only

My kitten

mon chaton

My (little) cat

mon (petit) chat 


My hen

ma cocotte or ma poule (ladies only)

My chick

mon poussin

My duck

mon canard

My dove

ma colombe

My gazelle

ma gazelle

My wolf

mon loup

My rabbit

mon lapin / also lapinou

My otter

ma loutre


For the classics


My beautiful

ma belle (ladies only) or ma jolie

(My) Baby

(mon) Bébé

My dear

mon chéri (gentlemen) ma chérie (ladies)

My (little) heart

mon (petit) coeur

My half

ma moitié

My doll

ma poupée (ladies only)

My treasure

mon trésor

My love

mon amour – also Mamour 

My (little) man

mon (petit) homme 

My angel

mon ange

My jewel

mon bijou


For the others




Loulou (gentlemen) Louloute (ladies)

Pitchoune (ladies) 
Choupette (ladies)


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