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Bienvenue en Francophonie ! In March, to celebrate the French Language and Francophonie Week, TV5MONDE, long-time partner of the event, travels the world to meet those who help make the French language an international cultural heritage.


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FILMS - Sundays at 9pm (Paris time GMT +1)

Four award-winning French-language films from Switzerland, Quebec, France and Mali.


Sunday 3rd March at 9pm 

The film with 7 Césars

In Timbuktu, religious extremists have taken power, imposing terror on the local population. No more music and laughter, no more cigarettes or even football... Women have become invisible and  makeshift courts pass bizarre and tragic verdicts. Not far from the city, a family of shepherds is subject to the law of these new leaders.

Director: Abderrahmane Sissako (France/Mauritania, 2013)

François Chalais Award and Ecumenical Jury Award (Cannes 2014)
Best French Film, Best Director, Best Photography, Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Screenplay, Best Music (César Awards 2015)
Nominations (Oscars 2015, BAFTA Awards 2016





Mort à vendre
Sunday 10th March at 9pm  

How far would you go for love?

Tetouan, Morocco. Soufiane, Malik and Allal, three inseparable friends and petty criminals, decide to become drug lords. But Malik falls in love with Dounia, a prostitute, and then nothing goes to plan...

Director: Faouzi Bensaïdi (Belgium/Morocco/France, 2011)

CICAE Panorama Award (Berlin International Film Festival, 2012)




Le grand Maulnes
Sunday 17th March at 9pm 

When passion turns into obsession.

It’s 1910 and mysterious and impetuous Augustin Meaulnes arrives at boarding school and forms an instant friendship with Francois, the headmaster’s son. Augustin is pining for a girl he once met at a party at a grand château, and together they embark on a mission to find her…

Director: Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe (France, 2006)
Based upon the novel "Le Grand Meaulnes" by Alain-Fournier.

Best Upcoming Actress Award for Clémence Poésy (Cabourg, 2007).




Sunday 24th March at 9pm 

A man in search of redemption.

In freezing Quebec, a truck runs over a young Native American and leaves him for dead. Determined to find the driver, Thomas, a Swiss policeman on holiday in Quebec, leads his own investigation, much to the anger of the local police. 

Director: Fulvio Bernasconi (Switzerland/Canada, 2016)
Selected for the Locarno Film Festival (2017)




Documentaries and magazines celebrating the richness and diversity of the French Language. 


Collège de France : le temple du savoir
Weds 20th March at 10pm 

Behind the scenes of an institution dedicated to excellence and the transmitting of knowledge.

What lies behind the mysterious Collège de France? Why is it so intriguing and fascinating? Founded in 1530, free and open to everyone, the institution offers courses in many scientific, literary and artistic subjects and has become part of French intellectual heritage.

 ☆ In partnership with the Collège de France, TV5MONDE offers a weekly interview with a professor from this iconic establishment. A different take on world news, through literature, science and the arts.

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300 millions de critiques
Sundays at 5pm 

The first major French-speaking cultural programme in the world.

Originally produced by TV5MONDE, "300 millions de critiques " focuses on French-speaking cultural news with the combined views of journalists from Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Quebec and France.

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La grande librairie
Thursdays at 11pm 

Literary news with a focus on the pleasures of reading.

The programme features a wealth of well-known writers of all nationalities who encourage viewers to discover the latest books around, enjoy reading for its own pure pleasure and become real literature fans. 

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Destination francophonie
Saturdays at 11:30am 

The latest news on the French language around the world.

A weekly look at  an initiative showing how the French language is alive and well today and spoken throughout the world. 

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La librairie francophone - NEW
Saturday 9th March at 5pm 

The new French-speaking literary programme.

This programme highlights authors, artists and booksellers from the French-speaking world in all its diversity. On the programme: travel stories, discover an author and their work, children's books and comics, booksellers' favourites and live music in French!

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The French language in one click with TV5MONDE!


Apprendre & Enseigner

The free interactive multimedia platform for learning and teaching French using video content.

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Bibliothèque numérique

500 works of French literature, available free on

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Osez le français

A humorous web series to learn how to overcome the many pitfalls of the French language.

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New free digital content from TV5MONDE.
All the latest French language cultural news with Culture TV5MONDE: cinema, history, music, literature, arts & entertainment...

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Les hauts-parleurs

The first platform for young French-speaking reporters from around the world to offer their views with a unique, creative and politically committed take on the world.
From Morocco, Burkina Faso or Quebec, they talk to their peers and address subjects that affect them the most: employment, drugs, refugees...

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