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The famous international event is held for the 15th time from 15th March to 4th April 2018, and this year’s edition is named "The Capital". Fifteen companies from around the world will present more than twenty choreographies.



Thanks to this festival, Belgrade became a renowned spot in the biographies of cutting- edge artists who create the dancing scene history, the place to discover new productions, where both famous and young authors are presented with equal care and attention. The relevance of the program positions the festival at the international scale and includes a brave introduction of new dance forms, choreographies and aesthetics.
The full programme can be found here.


Focus on Canadian talent: Marie Chouinard

As part of the festival’s programming can be enjoyed “The Garden of Earthly Delights” from Canadian choregrapher Marie Chouinard.
Choreographer Marie Chouinard is the Executive & Artistic Director of Company Marie Chouinard, Founding Chair of the Prix de la Danse de Montréal, an Associate Dance Artist of the Canada’s National Arts Centre and Director of Dance at the Venice Biennale.
Today, her company enjoys an international reputation. Over the years, Company Marie Chouinard has developed her own dance technique, taught by the dancers during workshops or master classes in tour. A true cultural ambassador for Quebec, Marie Chouinard has received several awards and distinctions in recognition of her contribution to the arts.
For Chouinard, each creation is an odyssey through the history of humanity that evades the linearity of a narrative. The intimate intelligence of the body, the inexhaustible complexity of its articulations and mutations command constructions that are achieved through form. 
`The Garden of Earthly Delights` is in coproduction with the Hieronymus Bosch 500 Foundation (Netherlands), commemorating the 500th anniversary of the painter’s death (2016).
March 30th & 31st, 20h | Opera Madlenianum
Company Marie Chouinard | Montreal
The Garden of Earthly Delights, Marie Chouinard

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