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2018-01-29 21:53:22 TV5MONDE

On Sat 3rd Feb it was the evening of the Magritte Cinema Awards live in Brussels. The Magritte awards, as revered in Belgium as are the Oscars and the Césars worldwide, showcase and recognise the Belgian films and directors who have stood out in 2017. To celebrate the occaision, TV5MONDE is offering an evening dedicated to Belgian cinema on Thurs 8th Feb at 9pm*. Viewers can enjoy a rebroadcast of the awards ceremony followed by a Belgian film-documentary Cinéastes à tout prix at 10:30pm* that was nomincated at Cannes in 2004.  (All times are Paris time GMT+1)



Thurs 8th Feb at 9pm*

Rebroadcast of the 8th Magritte Cinema Awards Ceremony. The awards, given by the André Delvaux Academy, recognise the films and professionals of Belgian cinema who have made the headlines in 2017. A Magritte of Honour is also awarded this year to the actress and director Sandrine Bonnaire, a French cinema d'auteur icon. 

Master of ceremony : Fabrizio Rongione.


Thurs 8th Feb at 10:30pm*

A portrait of three Belgian filmmakers who make features on a shoestring budget. With a long list of works over an extensive period of time, Jacques Hardy, a retired teacher, Max Naveau, former projectionist and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, mason, reinvent the art of filmmaking.

Directed by : Frédéric Sojcher (Belgique, 2004)

*Heure de Paris GMT+1



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