Culture TV5MONDE joins forces with the "Mon idée pour le français" platform
2018-02-01 23:13:49 TV5MONDE

Whether on-air, on TV5MONDE websites or on social networks, the French language is the emblem and signature of TV5MONDE, the link between all Francophones. TV5MONDE, whose mission is to promote the values ​​of Francophonie, is therefore joining forces with the Institut Français who have been mandated by the French President Emmanuel Macron to organise a public consultation regarding the promotion of the French language and multilingualism around the world. This consultation involves two key items; the launch of the consultation platform, and an international conference on the 14th and 15th February.




This initiative aims to rally French speaking citizens and Francophiles worldwide around linguistic issues and to lead to the definition of fixed proposals to modernise the use of French and promote multilingualism. In close consultation with the ministries of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Culture, National Education and Higher Education and Research, this operation, in which TV5MONDE is an active participant, is divided into two key sections: 

1. The 26th January 2018: Launch of the consultation platform

French citizens and French-speakers and/or Francophiles worldwide will be able to use this platform to enter their comments and ideas for the promotion and learning of the French language around the world. Les Haut-Parleurs (TV5MONDE YouTube channel) featuring Ivan Kabacoff, presenter of "Destination Francophonie" will host a programme on the launching of this platform. 




2. The 14th & 15th February 2018: Conference at the Cité internationale universitaire in Paris

This conference, organised in thematic workshops, will lead to the implementation of recommendations for the promotion of the French language and multilingualism in the world. Several leading figures from TV5MONDE will take part in these workshops including: Yves Bigot, Managing Director of TV5MONDE, Denise Epoté, Director of TV5MONDE Africa, Hélène Zemmour, Digital Director and Evelyne Paquier, Deputy Director in charge of promoting French.



TV5MONDE, the worldwide French-language cultural channel, promotes the French language around the world and has been broadcasting the best of French-language programming for over thirty years. Through its programmes and online content, TV5MONDE has also developed a free multimedia support online platform enabling people to learn and teach French for twenty years now:,, parlons-franç The channel also promotes the French language by creating original content on the TV5MONDE website for use by learners and teachers. "La bibliothèque numérique", "La dictée d’Archibald", "l’application Merci Professeur !".


L'Institut français

L’Institut français is the public institution in charge of the foreign cultural activities of France. Under the tutelage of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, the network actively contributes to the diplomacy of French influence. Its projects and programmes are based on a unique ability of deployment through the vast network of cultural services of the French Embassies, Instituts français and Alliances françaises present around the globe.



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