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Joséphine de Beauharnais, Nefertiti, Mary Queen of Scots, Lucretia Borgia… Revered or reviled, from poor or rich backgrounds, they were icons of their era and their destinies were to be very far from ordinary. 

From Ancient Egypt to the French Revolution, via the Renaissance era: we take a thrilling and fascinating trip through time to really discover these women who made their mark on history.


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Secrets d'histoire - Famous women of history October - December 2018

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JOSÉPHINE, l'atout incroyable de Napoléon

Tues 30th Oct at 6:40pm*
The incredible story of Josephine, Napoleon’s first wife, the one he truly loved, whom he crowned Empress then rejected. All his life, he
would keep strong ties with her; he could never really let his Josephine go…

LUCRETIA BORGIA, une femme au Vatican

Tues 6th Nov at 6:40pm*
Most often described as a monster of perversion and lust, Lucretia Borgia was however, for half of her life, known as the most radiant and beautiful Duchess of Ferrara in the north of Italy.

BLANCHE DE CASTILLE, la reine mère a du caractère...

Tues 13th Nov at 6:40pm*
A very pious regent, obsessed above all with the eternal salvation of her son, King Louis IX, who became known as Saint Louis. Above all she was a woman with an outstanding personality, and she dominated the thirteenth century by her character and courage.

MADAME ROYALE, l’orpheline de la révolution

Tues 20th Nov at 6:40pm*
Daughter of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, shaped and marked by the French Revolution, Marie-Thérèse of France spent more than forty years in exile and her destiny lay far away in the Russian steppes. 

MARIE DE MÉDICIS, l’obsession du pouvoir

Tues 27th Nov at 6:40pm*
Coming from the Medici dynasty, a scandalous family of Tuscan bankers, Marie de Medici experienced luxury, power, humiliation and destitution. What was her true relationship with King Henry IV, who humiliated her with multiple mistresses and bastards? Did she play a role in the murder of her husband?

NÉFERTITI, mystérieuse reine d’Égypte

Tues 4th Dec at 6:40pm *
"Sublime Nefertiti, the most beautiful among the beautiful" as she was known more than 3500 years ago, when she reigned over Egypt with Akhenaton, one of the last pharaohs of the eighteenth dynasty. We head to the pyramids and country of the Nile to unravel the mysteries of this extraordinary sovereign.

MARIE STUART, reine de France et d’Écosse

Tues 11th Dec at 6:40pm*
To Scotland we go, to what remains of Linlightgow Palace, where Mary Stuart was born in 1542, shortly before the death of her father, King James V. Thus begins the dark and tragic destiny of the monarch who will become Queen of France and Scotland ...


Watch stories and anecdotes on the people and monuments that have shaped history exclusively on

The Hall of Mirrors, an ambitious undertaking
The armchair of Napoléon Bonaparte, his favourite chair constructed in leather
In search of the Gilded cabinet owned by Marie-Antoinette, decorated and constructed exactly to her wishes 
L'opéra royal, a pop-up room constructed around the stage curtains, the heart of the theatre
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