Culture Greece - a unique travelling experience for disabled travellers
2017-06-29 17:14:55 TV5MONDE

At the borders of France and Greece, Isabelle Bouchy is the head of a small Greek association, the Mediterranean Center of Environment. It promotes human travel activities alongside sustainable development and enhancing the environment and heritage of the Mediterranean regions. In the interview she gives us insight into her role and the organisation following an enriching experience where she adapted one of the trails / travelling routes for the specific needs of a group of mentally disabled adults. 

Watch the TV5MONDE interview with Isabelle Bouchy on our Travel site.

Séance de tir à l'arc © Isabelle Bouchy

Le groupe Alter et Go © Isabelle Bouchy

Le bain quotidien © Isabelle Bouchy

Au coeur des sites antiques © Isabelle Bouchy


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