Culture Festival of le mois du doc 2017
2017-10-30 23:04:31 TV5MONDE

Organised by the association Images en bibliothèques, Le Mois du doc festival brings together almost 2000 cultural, social and educational locations in France and around the world, which will broadcast more than 1600 documentary films in November. An amazing opportunity to discover a vast range of docu-films through original and eclectic programmes!

To find out more about the countries taking part in the festival click here

TV5MONDE partner of the Mois du Doc Festival 

TV5MONDE is offering you a wide range of documentaries to enjoy on the channel in November: 

Un besoin pressant 

Weds 1st at 8pm  






Virunga, de l'espoir pour tout un peuple

Sunday 12th at 5:35pm 






Champions d'Hitler 

Thurs 16th at 5:40pm 






Objectif Mont-Blanc

Thurs 30th at 5:40pm 





And our regular documentary programmes to enjoy all year long:


Mondays at 8pm and Saturdays at 5:40pm enjoy our escape from it all documentaries like Thalassa, Faut Pas Rêver or Échappées Belles






Tuesdays at 5:40pm discover passion, power, rumours, tragedy: discover some of the biggest Secrets d'Histoire







Wednesdays at 8pm our travel documentaires such as Des Racines Et Des Ailes







Thursdays at 5:40pm our societal and cultural documentaries 








Sundays at 5:40pm our nature and wildlife documentaries followed by our history documentaries at 6:30pm  




TV5MONDE partners:

TV5MONDE is proud to celebrate Le Mois du Doc in partnership with:
Institut Français de Bilbao
Institut Français de Zaragoza
Institut Français de Valencia
Alliance Française Vigo
Alliance Française Glasgow
Institut Français de Russie - Antenne Saint Pétersbourg



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