Culture Exploring Theatre Performances around Europe
2019-05-08 17:49:58 Ella Hendrix

When it comes to talent on stage, Europe is up there with the best. There is a wealth of acting, singing and dancing talent throughout Europe and that’s not to mention some of the world’s best musicians, costume designers, stage directors, set designers and make-up artists. Theatre in Europe can serve you up staggering talent, a highly entertaining evening, delightful surprises and, above all, an evening you’ll never forget. So, if you are travelling to one of Europe’s wonderful cities, no matter where you are, why not pick up a show and see what the local theatres have to offer?

There is so much to choose from that it can sometimes be overwhelming, so here are some of Europe’s best theatre performances that you just can’t miss.


1. The Lion King in London
Based on the Disney film, The Lion King is an award winning stage show which has been running in London for an astounding 18 years. The Lion King uses vibrant colours, rousing music and captivating dance to allure you to the beautiful lands of eastern Africa. With music by Elton John and lyrics by Tim Rice, The Lion King is a feast for the eyes and ears and has been the making of swathes of young theatrical talent. It is on at the Lyceum Theatre in London’s famous West End and tickets/trips for The Lion King, along with other West End shows can be bought through various London theatre packages.

2. Moulin Rouge in Paris
It doesn’t get more Parisienne than a trip to the Moulin Rouge. The world’s most famous cabaret is steeped in history and has been dazzling audiences since 1889, with vivacious colour, provocative burlesque and glamorous flamboyance. The cabaret gives you everything that you imagined and more, and even from the outside, its iconic windmill is reason alone to visit. Tickets for a trip to the Moulin Rouge need to be booked in advance as it is a favourite, and there are two shows each night.


3. Tablao Flamenco el Arenal in Seville
There’s something that takes your breath away when you see and hear flamenco. The vivid colours, combined with frenetic music and flamboyant dancing is a sight to behold, and in this fabulous venue, it doesn’t get more Spanish. With the option of authentic Spanish tapas, award winning dancers and all the flair and energy of the traditional Andalusian extravagance, any trip to Seville wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the Tablao Flamenco el Arenal.


4. La Traviata at Salone Margherita Theatre in Rome
A trip to Rome isn’t a trip to Rome without a trip to the opera. And seeing Verdi’s La Traviata is up there with the best. The Salone Margherita Theatre is located in the heart of Rome, and was built in 1898, and now the exquisite I Virtuosi dell'opera di Roma, perform regularly there. Whether you are an opera fan or not, there is something special about watching opera in Italy that will send shivers down your spine and a yearning for more.


5. Shakespeare at The Globe in London
Anyone who appreciates the genius behind Shakespeare’s work should visit The Globe. And those that don’t. There’s nothing more special for lovers of the Bard than watching one of his plays come to life in settings akin to those where they were written to be seen. And likewise, for those left a little flummoxed by the language of one of the world’s most talented playwrights, The Globe is where it can all begin to make sense. The (new) Globe theatre is a reconstruction of the original theatre, which was partly owned by William Shakespeare himself, where his plays were performed until it was destroyed in 1644.


6. Swan Lake in St Petersburg
One of the things that Russia does best is ballet. And a trip to see some of Russia’s most talented ballet companies perform one of Russia’s most prolific ballets – Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake – in one of their grand, historic theatres is something that you’re likely to never forget. There are almost always versions of Swan lake being shown in numerous iconic St Petersburg theatres – including Mikhailovsky Theatre, Mariinsky Theatre, Hermitage Theatre, Aurora Ballet Hall, Russian Classical Ballet Palace and Alexandrinsky Theatre, all of the time. Tickets vary in prices and should be booked in advance.
Whether you are looking for folkloric performances, classical music, plays or musical shows, Europe’s cities can offer you everything. In fact, the difficulty is more about deciding what not to see, such is the level of talent and entertainment out there.


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