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On 24th March this year the Prix du Cinéma Suisse awards ceremony was held in Geneva. To mark the occasion, TV5MONDE prepared a special Swiss Cinema evening, with the documentary film Hiver Nomade showing at 8pm* followed by the best highlights from the awards ceremony at 9:30pm*.

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Hiver Nomade, an alternative lifestyle ...

So whilst March is coming to an end and we can see hints of spring right around the corner, but before that why not go on one last trip into deep dark winter, wildlife, nature and countryside before finally welcoming in the soft rays of spring sunshine?! Take a trip into winter accompanied by the stars of the famous Swiss documentary film Hiver Nomade by Franco-Swiss director Manuel von Stürler, showing this Thurs 30th March on TV5MONDE Europe.

During one winter, Manuel von Stürler followed Pascal and Carole, two shepherds, throughout the winter migration, a traditional practice which consists of following the herds of sheep from winter to summer pastures. A unique and amazing journey filled with beauty and sheer delight by the couple with their only companions consisting of three donkeys, four dogs and eight hundred sheep.

Three months outside, with a tarpaulin and animal skins as their only shelter to face the icy nights of the Swiss winter. A journey filled with travelling passing by remote villas, railways and industrial zones, Pascal and Carole crossed lands in the midst of full season transformation.

The documentary film Hiver Nomade unfolds as a fascinating journey crossing the most beautiful of Swiss landscapes by two characters whose compelling personalities shine through in a winter odyssey far from the modern world in which we live and which has won many prestigious awards.

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International awards and recognition

Since its release in 2012, Hiver Nomade has received multiple awards, the documentary film received a prize for best documentary film in 2012 during the 25th European Film Awards Ceremony held in Malta, the Special Jury Award and the Student Jury Award at the Cinessonne Festival in 2012, and two prizes at the Swiss Film Awards Quartz festival in 2013: Special Academy Award for editing, best photography, as well as the Bayard d'Or prize for Best Photography at the 27th Edition of the Namur International French-Language Film Festival.

The masterpiece by Manuel von Stürler also won the 2012 SSA / Suissimage Grand Prize for Best Swiss Feature Film. He was also nominated for the Hollywood ASC Award of 2014.

A belle soirée of Swiss cinema

This Thursday evening enjoy Swiss cinema direct to you with Hiver Nomade at 8pm then a 30 min programme of the best highlights from the 17th edition of the Swiss Film Awards Ceremony – the Quartz - being shown on TV5MONDE, the Awards took place last Friday 24th March at the Bâtiment des Forces Motrices in Geneva. 

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