Cinema Tribute to Agnès Varda
2019-03-15 05:51:58 TV5MONDE

The brilliant filmmaker has passed away on Friday 29th March 2019. Icon of the French New Wave, avant-garde documentary maker, committed film director, photographer, visual artist and more… Agnès Varda’s talents are internationally recognised and will continue to inspire her peers. TV5MONDE pays tribute to the work of this fully fledged artist, on Sundays at 9pm (Paris time GMT+1) starting April 7th.




Sunday, 7th April at 9pm
Rebroadcast: 12th April at 6:40pm, 15th April at 11pm
Happiness, we search for it, we find it, we repeat it. But it’s all only held together by a thread…
A carpenter leads a happy life with his wife and their children. One day he meets another woman and falls in love with her. He doesn’t hide this fact from his wife, believing this other woman adds what was missing and more joy in life, but his wife is having a hard time coping...
Director: Agnès Varda (France, 1964)
Cast: Jean-Claude Drouot, Claire Drouot
Prizes: Silver Bear at the Berlin Festival 1965, David O'Selznick Prize 1966




Sunday, 14th April at 9pm
Rebroadcast: 19th April at 6:40pm, 22nd April at 11pm
A contemporary poem about waste and overconsumption.
"Glaner": glean, to collect the grains leftover after harvesting. Across France, Agnès Varda has been meeting the “gleaners” of the 21st century. Out of need or choice, they collect up what other people no longer want: wonky vegetables, items needing mending, unsold supermarket goods... Their world is surprising.
Director: Agnès Varda (France, 2000)
Prizes: Hors Compétition (Cannes Film Festival, 2000)




Sunday, 21st April at 9pm
Rebroadcast: 29 April at 11pm
Jacques Demy as told by the woman of his life.
Agnès Varda delves into the memories of Jacques Demy, from his childhood dreams to the songs that marked his life. In 1939, Jacques Demy was 8 years old. Raised in a car garage where everyone liked to sing, he was interested in puppets, operetta, and wanted to make films...
Director: Agnès Varda (France, 1990)
Prizes: Official selection (Cannes Film Festival, 1991)

Discover Jacques Demy's portrait here!



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• Agnès Varda was the only female filmmaker of the French New Wave.
• She was married to filmmaker Jacques Demy for 28 years. She paid tribute to him in three movies including Jacquot de Nantes.
• She received multiple awards: César d’honneur (1997), Palme d’honneur (Cannes Film Festival, 2015), Berlinale Camera (2019) and was the first female director to receive an Honorary Academy Award at the Oscars (2017).


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