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Summer weather getting you down? Stuck with something to watch? Then check out our summer film selection. Or if you are lucky enough to live in a country where the weather is actually good for summer (yes i'm casting aspersions at you the UK...) there is still always time to watch good film - have a look what we have to offer on the small screen this August. All dates / times are for TV5MONDE Europe and times are in GMT. 

Let's start with LE BEAU MONDE – 4th Aug at 20:00 & repeated 7th Aug at 22:50

Alice, 20, leaves Bayeux to join a prestigious applied arts school in Paris. A passionate love ignites between her and Antoine. Alice's sincerity and naivety take Antoine away from the bourgeois world he now rejects. And through Antoine, Alice discovers the inner workings of a world that fascinates her.

Directed by: Julie Lopes Curval (France, 2014)

Cast: Ana Girardot (Alice), Bastien Bouillon (Antoine), Baptiste Lecaplain (Kevin), Aurélia Petit (Agnès), Sergi Lopez (Harold), India Hair (Manon), Stéphane Bissot (Christiane)

Genre: comedy drama

Awards: 2014 Toronto TIFF, 2014 Namur FIFF (competition), 2014 Stockholm International Film Festival (competition).


Inspired by a true tragic story ICI-BAS – 7th Aug at 20:00 & repeated 15th Aug 22:45

France, end of 1943. Sister Luce meets Martial, a chaplain whose faith has been deeply undermined and who has joined the Resistance. Choosing the love of a man over her love of Christ, she finally leaves the convent. But, very quickly, hits the seemingly insurmountable barrier of reality and passion...

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Denis (France, 2010)

Cast: Céline Sallette (Sister Luce), Éric Caravaca (Martial), François Loriquet (Victor), Maud Rayer (Mother Superior) Adeline d'Hermy (Sister Camille), Jacques Spiesser (the bishop), Nelly Antignac (Adrienne), Yves Beneyton (Father Simon), Aladin Reibel (the surgeon)

Genre: drama

Parental guidance: not recommended for children under the age of 12 (-12)"

Summer in St Tropez with L'ANNÉE DES MÉDUSES – 8th Aug at 22:40

It’s Saint-Tropez in the middle of summer. Chris and her mother, Claude, spend all their time on the beach. They meet Romain, a gigolo who find girls for lonely billionaires. Soon, Romain and Claude become lovers and Chris is green with jealousy. She decides on a cruel plan for revenge.

Directed by: Christopher Franck (France, 1984)

Cast: Bernard Giraudeau (Romain Kalides), Valérie Kaprisky (Chris), Caroline Cellier (Claude), Jacques Perrin (Vic), Charlotte Kady (Miriam), Béatrice Agenin (Marianne), Philippe Lemaire (Lamotte) Parental guidance: TV-PG


All-female family summer holidays in ZOUZOU – 11th Aug at 20:00 & repeated 14th Aug at 22:40

Solange, in her sixties, her 3 daughters, and Zouzou, her 14 year-old granddaughter, spend a few days in the country. An opportunity for Solange to announce the news: she has a new man in her life. And the sexual side of the relationship, should they discuss it or ignore it?

Direction, screenplay: Blandine Lenoir (France, 2014)

Cast: Jeanne Ferron (Solange), Laure Calamy (Lucie), Nanou Garcia (Brenda), Sarah Grappin (Marie), Florence Muller (Agathe), Anouk Delbart (Zouzou), Olivier Broche (Jean-Claude), Philippe Rebbot (Fredo), Antoine Bechon (Théo), Lila Redouane (Caty)

Genre: comedy drama Awards: Prize awarded by the Public at the Festival Renc'art 2014 (Montreuil) and at the Festival of European Cinema in Essonne 2014 (Cinéssonne)


A name change to win a woman in MOHAMED DUBOIS – 18th Aug at 20:00 & repeated 21st Aug at 22:45

Arnaud Dubois, a wealthy heir, harbours doubts about his father's identity. One day he slams the door of the family home, and that is when he falls for the beautiful Sabrina, of North African origin. To stand a better chance of winning her, he pretends that his name is Mohamed...

Directed by: Ernesto Oña (France, 2012)

Cast: Éric Judor (Arnaud), Sabrina Ouazani (Sabrina), Youssef Hadjdi (Mustafa), Mhamed Arezki (Hassan), Wahid Bouzidi (Rachid), Marie Kremer (Julie), Farid Elouardi (Djalil), Baya Belal (Fouzia), Biyouna (Djamila), Hania Amar (Nawel), Jackie Berroyer (Gérard)

Genre: comedy


Childhood secrets and fun in JE M'APPELLE ÉLISABETH – 21st Aug at 20:00 & repeated 29th Aug at 23:00

Betty, 10 years old, finds herself alone with her parents who are separating and an uncommunicative governess when her older sister goes to boarding school. Then one day Yvon climbs the wall separating the family garden from the neighbouring asylum. Moved by his fragility, Betty decides to hide him...

Directed by: Jean-Pierre Améris (France, 2006)

Cast: Stéphane Freiss (Régis), Maria de Medeiros (Mado), Yolande Moreau (Rose), Alba-Gaïa Kraghede Bellugi (Betty), Benjamin Ramon (Yvon)

Genre: comedy drama


Canada hockey at Christmas in IL ÉTAIT UNE FOIS LES BOYS – 25th Aug at 20:00 & repeated 28th at 23:00

It’s Christmas 1967. The upcoming hockey tournament looks daunting for the Aces: Stan, Bob, Fern, Marcel, Jean-Charles, Ben, and Méo, the little rookie. While celebrations are being prepared by their parents, some of whom have problems of their own to get through; the boys forge unbreakably close ties...

Directed by: Richard Goudreau (Canada, 2013)

Cast: Simon Pigeon (Stan Ouellet), Derek Poissant (Marcel Bilodeau), Samuel Gauthier (Robert Chicoine), Jassen Charron (Fernand Rivest), Maxime Desjardins-Tremblay (Roméo Levasseur), William Legault-Lacasse (Jean-Charles Taillefert), Maxime Gibault (Benoît Bouchard), Rémy Girard (Fred), Pierre Lebeau (Jimmy) Genre: comedy drama


And there you go - a bit of something for all the family whatever the weather! Enjoy and take a look back in September for our next selection of films! Remember all films are shown as at GMT (UK) time so please check for your local programme times. 

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