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In May, on TV5MONDE Europe, on the occasion of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, come and discover the crème de la crème of cinema through exclusive interviews with Patrick Simonin live from La Croisette! Also viewers can equally enjoy a month long a specially selected offering of films from past award-winners and nominees as well as homages to the great names of French cinema (Jacques Tati, Olivier Assayas, Jean-Louis Trintignant...) who have left their mark in Cannes history. A red carpet month to celebrate cinema in style.



Daily one on one interviews with stars live from La Croisette 



Mon – Fri at 5:30pm (GMT London time)
Find out all about the stars who are making the daily headlines at Cannes in up close and personal interviews

Presented by: Patrick Simonin

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UNE HISTOIRE DE FOU / DON'T TELL ME THE BOY WAS MAD - Official Selection (Cannes 2015)
Thurs 4th May at 8pm
The 1980s. A new generation of Armenians demands justice for the 1915 genocide. In Paris, Aram blows up the Turkish ambassador's car, seriously injuring Gilles, a passerby. His life is ruined. Aram's mother Anouch apologises in the name of the Armenian people...
Directed by: Robert Guédiguian (France, 2014)
Inspired by La Bomba'' by José Antonio Gurriaran.
Cast: Simon Abkarian (Hovannès), Ariane Ascaride (Anouch), Grégoire Leprince-Ringuet (Gilles), Syrus Shahidi (Aram), Razane Jammal (Anahit), Robinson Stévenin (Soghomon Tehlirian), Siro Fazilian (Arsinée), Amir El Kacem (Vahé)
Genre: history
Parental guidance: TV-PG

© Les Films du Poisson/Bande à Part Films/RTS/SRG SSR


LA VANITE / VANITY - selected at L'ACID Cannes 2015 (full-length films)

Thurs 11th May at 8pm

In an old hotel in Lausanne, David, who's suffering from an incurable disease, plans to commit suicide but the person helping him do it, Esperanza, isn't sure what's involved. To get things over quickly, David tries to convince Tréplev, in the neighbouring bedroom, to legally witness his last moments.

Directed by: Lionel Baier (France/Switzerland, 2015)
Cast: Patrick Lapp (David), Carmen Maura (Esperanza), Ivan Georgiev (Tréplev), Adrien Barazzone, Pierre-Isaie Duc, Stéphanie Blanchoud, Stéphanie Chuat, Véronique Reymond, Thibault de Chateauvieux, Nina Théron 
Genre: drama
Awards: nominated at the Lumières de la presse étrangère awards 2016 (best French-language film); selected at ACID Cannes 2015 (feature-length films); premiered at the Locarno Film Festival 2015


UN HÉROS TRÈS DISCRET / A SELF-MADE HERO - Best screenplay / adapdation award at Cannes 1996 

Sunday 14th May at 8pm 
During the Second World War, a man fabricates a brilliant and glorious life for himself. A destiny as great as the heroes in his childhood books. Albert Dehousse, this quiet man who had nothing, will win everything: honours, power, admiration, love. Just how far will the deception go?
Directed by: Jacques Audiard (France, 1996)
Based on the novel by Jean-François Deniau.
Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz (Albert Dehousse), Anouk Grinberg (Servane), Sandrine Kiberlain (Yvette Caron), Jean-Louis Trintignant (Albert Dehousse older), Albert Dupontel (Jean Dionnet), Nadia Barentin (the general's wife), Philippe Nahon (the general), Bernard Bloch (Ernst)
Genre: comedy
Awards: prize for best screenplay at the Cannes festival 1996; nominated for the Césars 1997 (best director, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best original screenplay or adaptation, best music, best editing)

© Eric Névé / Les Chauves-Souris / Astou Films

LA PIROGUE / THE PIROGUE - Un certain regard, Cannes 2012
Thurs 18th May at 8pm
Baye Laye, a fisherman in a little Dakar suburban village, knows the sea well. When he is asked to take thirty men to Spain, he hesitates before accepting. They don't all understand one another and some have never seen the sea. But above all, nobody knows what is in store.
Directed by: Moussa Touré (France/Senegal, 2011)
Cast: Souleymane Seye Ndiaye (Baye Laye), Laïty Fall (Lansana), Malamine Dramé « Yalenguen » (Abou), Balla Diarra (Samba), Salif « Jean » Diallo (Barry), Babacar Oualy (Kaba), Mama Astou Diallo (Nafy), Saikou Lô (Yaya), Ngalgou Diop (Aziz)
Genre: drama
Awards: Un certain regard (Cannes, 2012), nominations (Namur FFF, 2012)

© Or Prod

RENGAINE / HOLD BACK -  Fipresci Prize (Quinzaine des réalisateurs, Cannes 2012)
Thurs 25th May at 8pm 
Paris in the 2010s. Dorcy, a young black Christian, wants to marry Sabrina, an Arab. A marriage which falls foul of a deeply rooted taboo: no intermarriage between blacks and Arabs. Sabrina's older brother Slimane will go to any lengths to prevent this wedding.
Directed by: Rachid Djaïdani (France, 2012)
Cast: Slimane Dazi (Slimane), Sabrina Hamida (Sabrina), Stéphane Soo Mongo (Dorcy)
Genre: comedy drama
Awards: Fipresci award (Directors fortnight, Cannes 2012), Michel d'Ornano award (Deauville 2012), Trophée francophone 2013 award for Best actor for Slimane Dazi, nominations (César 2013, Lumières foreign press award 2013, Tübingen - Stuttgart 2012, Cinémad 2012, FIFF Namur 2012)
Parental guidance: TV-PG

Unforgettable classic films


© MK2

L’ŒUVRE AU NOIR / THE ABYSS –  selected at Cannes 1988 
Friday 12th May at 5:40pm 
In 16th century Flanders during the Inquisition and the religious wars, Zénon, a doctor and alchemist wanted for dissident writings, returns secretly to his native Bruges. Free-spirited and socially conscious by nature, he soon decides to help the revolution. Despite powerful protectors he is exposed and tried for heresy.
Directed by: André Delvaux (France/Belgium, 1988)
Based on the novel by Marguerite Yourcenar.
Cast: Gian Maria Volontè (Zénon), Marie-Christine Barrault (Hilzonde), Jean Bouise (Campanus), Mathieu Carrière (Pierre de Hamaere), Pierre Dherte (Cyprien), Sami Frey (the Cordeliers´ prior), Anna Karina (Catherine), Philippe Léotard (Henri-Maximilien), Johan Leysen (Rombaut), Jacques Lippe (Myers), Marie-France Pisier (Martha)
Genre: drama
Awards: selected at Cannes 1988 festival

© Gaumont

Sunday 21st May at 8pm 
1926. A country village in the northern French region of Artois. Sixteen year-old Mouchette kills her lover, the Marquis of Cadignan. The conclusion is suicide but the teenager confesses her crime to Abbé Donissan, the humble parish priest, and recounts her story. A strange relationship develops between them.
Directed by: Maurice Pialat (France, 1987)
Screenplay: Sylvie Danton, Maurice Pialat, based on the novel by Georges Bernanos
Cast: Gérard Depardieu (Abbé Donissan), Sandrine Bonnaire (Mouchette), Maurice Pialat (Abbé Menou-Segrais), Alain Artur (Marquis of Cadignan), Yann Dedet (Gaillet), Brigitte Legendre (Mouchette's mother), Jean-Christophe Bouvet (Satan)
Genre: drama
Awards: Palme d'Or at the 1987 Cannes Film Festival; 7 nominations for the 1988 César awards (best poster, best editing, best photography, best director, best actor, best actress and best film)




Sunday 28th May at 8pm 
A shot rings out in a working-class block of flats. A body rolls down the stairs. François, the murderer, shuts himself in his room whilst the police besiege the building, waiting for dawn before launching the assault. François relives the circumstances that lead him to commit the crime.
Directed by: Marcel Carné (France, 1939, black and white)
Cast: Jean Gabin (François), Jules Berry (Mr Valentin), Arletty (Clara), Jacqueline Laurent (Françoise), Mady Berry (the caretaker's wife), René Génin (the caretaker), Arthur Devère (Mr Gerbois), Jacques Baumer (the police commissioner), Bernard Blier (Gaston), Marcel Pérès (Paulo), Germaine Lix (the singer), Gabrielle Fontan (the lady on the staircase)
Genre: drama
Awards: selected for the Venice International Film Festival (Italy, 1939)

An engaging documentary film


© Films Cissé/Sisé Filimu 2015

O KA (NOTRE MAISON) / O KA (OUR HOUSE) - selected at Cannes 2015 (special sessions)
Sunday 21st May at 10:30pm 
Bamako. Several women are illegally evicted from their home in 2008. Their brother, Souleymane Cissé, takes up his camera to look back at his childhood and family history in a country heading for war despite a tradition of tolerance.
Directed by: Souleymane Cissé (France/Mali, 2015)
Cast: Magnini Koroba, Aminata Cissé, Badjénèba Cissé, M'Ba Cissé, Souleymane Cissé 
Genre: documentary
Awards: selected at the Cannes festival 2015 (special sessions)

Portraits of icons of French cinema 


© Magnéto Presse

Weds 17th May at 1pm 
Jean-Louis Trintignant, the elusive man
A discreet actor, Jean-Louis Trintignant played romantics, competing with Delon and Belmondo, but also dark cynics. Through the camera lenses of the greatest directors he became a character synonymous with the cinema of the 1960s and 1970s. Behind the scenes however, he maintained an air of mystery.
Directed by: Alexis de La Fontaine (France, 2017)
Presented by: Laurent Delahousse.

© Les Films de mon oncle

Thurs 25th May at 5:40pm 
A brilliant actor and a master film-director; Jacques Tati created a poetic, burlesque world that indelibly marked the film industry. Made between 1949 and 1967, ''The Big Day'', Mr Hulot's Holiday'' and ''Playtime'', accurately observed the dramatic changes to a society under the impact of modernity.
Directed by: Simon Wallon, Emmanuel Leconte (France, 2015)



Thurs 25th May at 6:30pm 
30 years after starting out, the French filmmaker Olivier Assayas is back in New York to present his latest feature-length film, filmed in Paris, London, Prague and Oman. He meets up again with Kent Jones, who helped him get his films known in the United States. With Kristen Stewart.
Directed by: Benoît Bourreau (France, 2017)

© Les Films de la Saga



Sunday 21st May at 6:30pm 
Guided by the voice of Bernard Giraudeau, we explore his artistic and personal life. An actor considered emblematic of his generation, he has always put his life before his career. A tireless adventurer, he crisscrossed the world until illness curtailed his activities. This is his intimate portrait.
Directed by: Bertrand Tessier (France, 2012)
A rich and full cinema selection to enjoy in May on TV5MONDE 
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