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  • Special Programming Cannes Film Festival

    Special Programming Cannes Film Festival

    Exclusive interviews live from the Croisette, behind the scenes of the festival, portraits of cinema icons and Cannes award-winning films.  Dive into the heart of the Cannes Film Festival from 14th - 25th May on TV5MONDE.
    , Wed. 1 May

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Léo is illiterate, a heavy secret he keeps well-hidden. One day, having been unable to read an instruction, he injures himself at work. He then gets to know his neighbour Nora, nurse and passionate reader. Whilst looking after him, she passes on a desire to learn and overcome his difference... Directed by:...
Weekend at Cap Corse Less touristic than the South but just as much an exotic paradise, Cap Corse represents Corsica at its most authentic, the cradle or rather the bastion of its traditions. Here the family remains central and that includes the younger generation. A well guarded paradise that Tiga is...
For Benoît, art history student, nothing will ever be the same again. Whilst trying every means possible to avoid military service he learns by chance that he is HIV positive. Refusing his destiny, he sets out to live every minute to the full. Even getting caught up in dubious company... Directed by: Xavier...
Episode 1: Coming-out With Pierre and Monique's arrival, Karine and Patrick's privacy is soon a distant memory. And that's just for starters! Patrick has a pitch for his foot truck, but it's not what he hoped. His wedding photo with Sylvain is published online. How can he get it...

Upcoming programmes

An interview with a topical guest from the world of politics, economics or culture... Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
The televised news programme from the Radio-Canada team.
Following the everyday lives of residents in Mistral, a working-class neighbourhood in Marseille, with all their joys and heartbreak, dramatic stories of love and hate, and the secrets lurking round the corner. With: Michel Cordes (Roland), Sylvie Flepp (Mirta), Cécilia Hornus (Blanche), Serge Dupire (...
The game where everyone wants to be a winner. One quiz, six candidates and, comfortably installed in his chair, one champion... whom everyone dreams of unseating! Presented by: Nagui

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