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Betrayed by his partner in crime Serge during a political assassination attempt, Clément is forced to abscond. He takes refuge for a while with Paul, a childhood friend. Desperate for revenge however, he goes after Serge, leaving his wife Anne alone with Paul... Directed by: Alain Cavalier (France, 1961,...
Pierre Saint-Florent´s body is found on a beach wearing a wetsuit. The initial clues take Élisabeth Richard and Paul Jansac into the victim's environment where there´s certainly no shortage of suspects. More crimes quickly follow. Directed by: Claude-Michel Rome (France, 2016) Screenplay: Jean...
Episode 3: The wounded man (1/2) A mysterious contact draws Antoine and Florence into a macabre version of a treasure hunt based around a work by the artist Gustave Courbet: as each riddle is solved, a body is discovered. Directed by: Elsa Bennett, Hippolyte Dard (season 2, France, 2018) Screenplay:...
Destination South Korea! When we think of Korea it's generally the pulsating city of Seoul that immediately springs to mind, its bold architecture, its high tech industry. But beyond the effervescence of its capital lies a very different Korea: 70% mountains and unsuspected landscapes as varied as...

Upcoming programmes

Guests: Sandrine Bonnaire, Pierre Lemaitre, Nicolas Boukhrief, Pablo Pauly. Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
The television news programme of the France 2 editorial board (8 p.m. edition, Paris time).
All the news from RTS.
Beffrois, a disillusioned police captain nearing retirement, has his curiosity aroused by a new art theft. Seemingly an art specialist, the burglar prefers works of average value. No doubt to avoid attracting attention. Another distinctive sign: he always passes by the roof. For Beffrois the investigation...


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