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Upcoming programmes - next three days

A general knowledge quiz presented by Samuel Étienne. Presented by Samuel Étienne.
A news magazine that questions, investigates, challenges and goes beyond the casual observation of current events, all in constant interaction with the public. Presented by: Franck Istasse.
An interview with a topical guest from the world of politics, economics or culture... Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
In 1960s Paris, Maurice and Michel Renoma turn established clothing styles and family traditions upside down by inventing youth fashion. Inspired by British styles, particularly the blazer, they create an original and distinctive look which proves successful. Their shop becomes a must-see attraction in the...

Upcoming programmes

"Stars parade" is a musical programme dedicated to African artists and their culture. Through its encounters and different genres, Stars parade gives African music a voice and spreads knowledge of it worldwide thanks to its cultural diversity and the richness of its melodies. Presented by: Boncana Maïga
An interview with a topical guest from the world of politics, economics or culture... Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
A programme of several reports to help us understand the Southern Hemisphere by meeting distant friends and mixing cultures. Presented by: Wendy Bashi
Five minutes to hear the voices of sustainable development. David Delos presents Coup de Pouce pour la Planète ('Give a Hand to the Planet'), which celebrates environmental initiatives by NGOs or individuals.


  • Sun 22nd Jan women's football match with France v South Africa friendly

    This Sunday 22nd Jan at 5pm (GMT) viewers can enjoy the French women's football teams first game of 2017. The blues will face South Africa, the semi-finalist of CAN 2016 in the last friendly of the season before preparations start for The European Cup.

    It's the second meeting between the two countries after 2009, when France won with a score of 3 goals against 2. Don't miss the first female sports event of the year on TV5MONDE!

  • Canada 150: Canadians are gearing up for the 150th anniversary of Confederation and everyone is invited to take part in the year-long celebration! On December 31st, to kick-off this celebration year, memorable activities and exciting performances will be held in 19 urban centres across the country, find out more and learn all about 150 years of Canadian history. 

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