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Israel, the secret of innovation is not only a question of size A young country at war since its creation, Israel has become the world-leader in advanced technologies. Not far from Tel Aviv, the Silicon Wadi is home to the industry's giants. Can innovation at the service of sustainable development...
Episode 1: Caught in the net The body of Marianne Pellat, skipper of a fishing boat from the port, is found on the beach. With no trace of her boat, she is assumed to have had an accident when out at sea. But the autopsy proves otherwise; Marianne did indeed drown, but not at sea... Directed by:...
1910. François makes friends with Augustin Meaulnes, an audacious, impulsive young man who soon exerts a true fascination over him. Upon escaping one evening, Augustin meets Yvonne de Galais at a party. It is the start of a passion that will rapidly turn into an obsession, for both of them... Directed by:...
Episode 3 Marianne meets Malone for the first time. Zerda, probably the one who organised the robbery, is becoming increasingly threatening... Directed by: François Velle (France, 2018) Screenplay, adaptation, dialogues: Véronique Lecharpy, François Velle, based on Michel Bussi Cast: Anne Charrier (...

Upcoming programmes

A general knowledge quiz presented by Samuel Étienne. Presented by Samuel Étienne.
A news magazine that questions, investigates, challenges and goes beyond the casual observation of current events, all in constant interaction with the public. Presented by: Laurent Mathieu.
Guest: Guy Savoy. Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
Through reports, profiles, and interviews, "Envoyé spécial" addresses all of the issues that make the news. Presented by: Élise Lucet.

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