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  • Le Tour de France by TV5MONDE 2019

    Le Tour de France by TV5MONDE 2019

    A delightful cultural échappée (break) across breathtaking French regions. For the Tour de France 2019 (6th-28th July), TV5MONDE explores France whilst enjoying tasting breaks, walks through historic sites and unexpected encounters.  
    , Sun. 30 Jun

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A summary of the day's leg with striking images, analyses and rankings. Presented by: Fabien Lévêque.
The Nortada Direction the Atlantic coast in search of quite a strong North wind which blows from the Iberian Peninsula to the Canaries: the Nortada. Antoine Auriol starts off in Lisbon and heads to Cabo das Rocas, the most western point of Europe, where he meets the surfer Garett McNamara. Directed by:...
The Franks Lorànt Deutsch takes to the roads of France in the footsteps of famous figures: Clovis, Charles Martel, Charlemagne, and the Vikings. Going back to between the 6th and 10th Century, he explains the limits of the Kingdom of the Franks and stops in emblematic places where they lived and battled...
François Maurey, an IT company boss in his 40s, has developed a patent which the Americans are after. Currently going through a divorce, he could never imagine that Florence, an attractive young model employee, would throw his life into chaos, involving him in a terrible plot. Directed by: Jacques...

Upcoming programmes

« Passe-moi les Jumelles » invites the viewers to take a break and dream. On the line-up: emotions, encounters, travelling, favourites and breathtaking landscapes... Presented by: Virginie Brawand.
Complete international news roundup presented by the RTBF news staff.
Current news concerning the French language around the world. Every week, "Destination francophonie" invites you on a journey to discover an initiative illustrating the energy, evolution and global nature of French and the French-speaking world. Presented by: Ivan Kabacoff.
An eclectic music show recorded live, with new and well-established Belgian and international artists... Presented by: Fanny Gillard.

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