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Poitou melon and chabi Chauvigny, in the heart of the Poitou region in western France, is home to the Gauvreau family, producers of an age-old cheese known as chabi (ancestor of the chabichou). Axel Berge grows melons. Fruit of a member of the cucurbit family they have always been grown around Poitiers....
On the spice road Programme summary: - Gingerbread - The royal saltworks at Arc-et-Senans - The adventures of Pierre Poivre Guest: Gérard Vives, creator of the Comptoir des Epices. Presented by: Stéphane Bern. With Mathieu Guber, Jean-Baptiste Gauvin, Julie Hourmant.

Upcoming programmes

An interview with a topical guest from the world of politics, economics or culture... Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
Following the everyday lives of residents in Mistral, a working-class neighbourhood in Marseille, with all their joys and heartbreak, dramatic stories of love and hate, and the secrets lurking round the corner. With: Michel Cordes (Roland), Anne Decis (Luna), Sylvie Flepp (Mirta), Ambroise Michel (Rudy),...
The game where everyone wants to be a winner. One quiz, six candidates and, comfortably installed in his chair, one champion... whom everyone dreams of unseating! Presented by: Nagui
Episode 5: Finding Jacques Marie is panicking: Jacques has vanished and has probably run away. She and Julien set off to find their son. And settle a few scores... Directed by: Stephen Cafiero (season 1, France, 2016) Screenplay: Frédéric Rosset, Camille Rosset Cast: Sébastien Chassagne (Julien), Marie...


  • French actress Danielle Darrieux has died

    Another emblematic figure of French cinema was lost on Wednesday 18th October 2017. Danielle Darrieux had just celebrated her 100th birthday and .  was known as "the fiancée of Paris". She enjoyed one of the longest cinematic careers in history (from aged 14 to 93) and has starred in more than 110 films. In a change to our sun eve schedule we will show one of her most iconic films MADAME DE.. Sunday night at 8pm (GMT)

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