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The treasures of the "Route Napoleon" Exploring the spectacular and winding "Route Napoleon", over 300 kilometres in the footsteps of the French emperor. First stop, the island of Elba, Napoleon's exile for nearly 10 months and the start of his epic journey in 1815. Then on towards Golfe-Juan, Grasse...
Destination South Korea! When we think of Korea it's generally the pulsating city of Seoul that immediately springs to mind, its bold architecture, its high tech industry. But beyond the effervescence of its capital lies a very different Korea: 70% mountains and unsuspected landscapes as varied as...
Guests: Lenny Kravitz, Christine & the Queens, Gaëtan Roussel, Jain, Jorja Smith, Marc Lavoine. Presented by: Nagui.
How can archaeology help us to understand love and sexuality? Studying the remains left by the Middle Ages, ancient civilisations and even the Neolithic period, not only provides innumerable clues to what has always driven humanity, right from the beginning, but also provides an interesting comparison with...

Upcoming programmes

All the news from RTS.
Guests: Guillaume Gallienne, Dany Boon. Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
The televised news programme from the Radio-Canada team.
The Pays de Bray The heart-shaped Neufchâtel cheese, buttery shortcake biscuits and the Gournay chicken pay tribute to the rich history of food and cooking in the Pays de Bray. In this region of Seine-Maritime, from aquaponics to market-gardening with donkeys, new more environmentally-friendly growing...


  • Piste de la Francophonie
    After the worldwide success of the World Tour of Francophonie in 2017, TV5MONDE is showing another programming event with a similar concept - La Piste de la Francophonie /  The Francophonie Trail.  The event will take place from 5am on Thursday 26th September right through to 1am on Friday 27th September!  Spanning 18 destinations, the programme aims to showcase Francophonie in all its facets; the French language, its influence, its history, its future, its successes and the many and varied cultures that share Francophonie values ​. 
  • Discover thrilling French films, every month.

    More info on their website or on Facebook

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