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  • Must-See Theatre Designs Across Europe

    Must-See Theatre Designs Across Europe

    There are many experts throughout the world who argue that one of the best indicators of trends and style in any given time period is the way that each period’s theatres are designed. From grand, regal Victorian style theatres to modern, contemporary spaces, read on to discover some of the...
    , Tue. 25 Jun
  • Philippe Noiret, the man,  actor and César winner

    Philippe Noiret, the man, actor and César winner

    Philippe Noiret is considered one of the greatest actors in French cinema. He was the first person to win the César Award for Best Actor in 1976, and won out against his friend Jean-Pierre Marielle and Gerard Depardieu. 
    , Tue. 4 Jun

Upcoming programmes - next three days

Petite Camargue Émilie Broussouloux takes us to Petite Camargue, south of Nîmes and west of the Petit-Rhône, wetlands listed as a Grand Site de France in 2014. Includes: Aigues-Mortes and its saltworks, wedge clam fishing, the manade and Camargue bullfighting, kitesurfing and other exciting activities....
Episode 3: The mysteries of faith What connects the theft of money in a Benedictine abbey with a young woman who jumps to her death from her hotel room window? Inspector Marleau tries to unravel the mystery. And to pierce the mysteries of faith she can rely on Father Vincent, a good-looking young priest...
At 70 Léo, deplores the misunderstanding between his three sons, David, Max and Simon. Under the pretext of a potentially fatal hospital operation, he persuades them to join him whale-watching in Quebec. His aim: strengthen family ties. An adventure that turns out to be full of surprises, for all four......
Episode 1 Hector is an emergency doctor in Strasbourg and for the last five years has shared his life with Jérémie. The couple are planning to have a child and a protocol for artificial insemination is underway with their friend Anna. One day, Hector happens to meet Louise, his first love. Twenty years...

Upcoming programmes

An interview with a topical guest from the world of politics, economics or culture... Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
The televised news programme from the Radio-Canada team.
Economy, culture, environment, heritage... the Mediterranean, birthplace of several civilisations, is at the centre of all of this century's changes, conflicts and evolution. Through views and portraits, by exploring a subject or the realities of a country, "Mediterraneo" provides a different...
Warren's roses Inaugurated in June 2018 in the village of La Glanerie, near Tournai, the Warren Millington rose garden presents 150 varieties created by the Australian rose breeder. Designed and run by rose enthusiast Isabelle Olikier-Luyten, the colourful moods of the garden are a true delight....

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