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Coconut and turmeric in the Réunion The Plaine des Grègues, where Guibert Hoareau grows and processes turmeric. Ground to a powder, it is an essential ingredient in Réunion Island cuisine, notably the "cari". In the Maison du Coco, Didier Solesse gives new life to the coconut; rich in potassium this...
Voyage to the land of books Stéphane Bern looks at France's literary heritage, including books and their history, writers, and other topics... In the programme: - The journey of Marcel Proust - The sale of the Pierre Bergé collection - Second-hand book sellers Guest: Jean Teulé, writer. Presented...

Upcoming programmes

For 10 years, Géraldine Fasnacht has cherished the dream of taking flight from the Matterhorn, one of the highest Alpine peaks. To succeed, the wingsuit champion needs to convince her flying partner, Julien Meyer. Together with their guides, they begin the meticulous preparation. Their adventure is launched...
Las Vegas The imitation jewel of the Nevada desert. Like a mirage in the hot land, Las Vegas sparkles with sequins and countless lights. Synonymous with gambling, showbiz, money and superficiality, it fascinates us. We meet the Quebeckers who work there. Directed by: Bourbonnais (Canada, 2016) Presented...
All the international news and an exclusive interview with the French president. While attending the climate summit, Emmanuel Macron discusses his relationship to time, his destiny, governing the country, international questions, the climate, the environment, politics, key social issues and the state-owned...
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  • Laurent Delahouse will be interviewing the French President Emmanuel Macron, this Sunday 17th December. The interview will be broadcast in a news report from France 2 and will be shown on TV5MONDE Europe at 7:30pm (UK time GMT).

  • The 25th French Film Festival UK offers a rich programme of films to enjoy, involving leading independent cinemas around the country from Glasgow and Edinburgh to London, from Inverness to Dundee and Belfast, from Warwick and Leicester to Chichester and Bristol, plus many more places in between watch the crème de la crème of contemporary and classic French-speaking cinema from 2 Nov to 17 Dec 2017. See what's on where here

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