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  • Special programming : Jacques Demy Retrospective

    Special programming : Jacques Demy Retrospective

    Jacques Demy has known international success with films such as Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, and timeless tales such as Rochefort or Peau d’âne. Creator of enchanting imaginative stories, he gives a special place to music in his films and often contrasts dreams and magic with unhappy and...
    , Wed. 2 Jan
  • Jacques Demy : musical cinema extraordinaire

    Jacques Demy : musical cinema extraordinaire

    Director, screenwriter and actor, Jacques Demy has worked with all the great icons of cinema. With his lush musical cinema, he has stood out to become one of the most talented directors in France. Not always understood by the general public at his time, Jacques Demy is today a muse, inspiring...
    , Thu. 13 Dec
  • The Louvre : the largest museum in the world

    The Louvre : the largest museum in the world

    From the dungeon of Philippe Auguste from around 1100 to the pyramid of Leoh Ming Pei in 1988, the Louvre has transformed, grown and inspired. TV5MONDE invites you to come relive the history of this iconic building. A focus on an architectural and artistic adventure that is eight...
    , Tue. 4 Dec

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Marithé, a trainer, helps others find their true calling. Carole lives and works in the shadow of her husband Sam, a talented, star-rated chef. Marithé realises she needs her independence to achieve self-fulfilment. Or perhaps she's subconsciously trying to get rid of Carole for a chance to seduce her...
Episode 5 Jauffret is killed when the restaurant explodes. Christine disappears. She wanders Paris in shock, and seeks refuge with Michèle. Jean-Claude almost prevented the bombing, infuriating the OAS, which sentences him to death. But his boss decides not to kill him and urges him to vanish by joining...
From Boulogne to Calais: the adventurers of the strait From atop its huge cliffs, the Strait of Dover is breathtaking. This tiny strip of sea crossed by hundreds of vessels day and night is also home to a French region which imparts its energy and vitality to those living there. Fanny Agostini takes us to...
A week-end in and around Paris From the village of Montmartre in the heart of the Latin Quarter, Sophie Jovillard heads off to meet the cheerful, colourful Parisians. This city break also provides an opportunity to (re)discover the Île-de-France's hidden treasures, including Auvers-sur-Oise, Van...

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Programme summary: - Transformation of a house in Genval - Transformation of a bakery into a holiday let in the Ardennes - Getting up-to-date with the new leases for house and flat-sharing - United States: Bart Prince, organic architect in New Mexico - How-to-do-it: headboard lighting Presented by:...
An interview with a topical guest from the world of politics, economics or culture... Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
The televised news programme from the Radio-Canada team.
Economy, culture, environment, heritage... the Mediterranean, birthplace of several civilisations, is at the centre of all of this century's changes, conflicts and evolution. Through views and portraits, by exploring a subject or the realities of a country, "Mediterraneo" provides a different...


  • TV5MONDE no longer on Virgin Media from 18/1/19

    FAO UK and Ireland Virgin Media viewers. As of Fri 18th Jan TV5MONDE will no longer be available on Virgin. Viewers can watch TV5MONDE for FREE, in HD, online via our website here EN or FR subtitles available, watch via Smart TV / PC / tablet / smartphone. TV5MONDE - For the love of culture, in French.

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