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  • Recipe of the month -  Paris Fashion Week Special

    Recipe of the month - Paris Fashion Week Special

    From 25th September to 3rd October, Paris is the hub and centre of attention for all designers and models during Fashion Week. you know which restaurants are popular with the stars of haute couture in this special week? Discover the favorite eateries of...
    , Wed. 5 Sep
  • Special programming for Paris Fashion Week

    Special programming for Paris Fashion Week

    From 25th September to 3rd October, Paris is transformed into a giant catwalk with the arrival of Fashion Week 2018! Spectacle and show, dazzling designers, new trends and more: Watch TV5MONDE for programmes that will take you into the hot seat of the glitz and glam of this premier event in the...
    , Wed. 29 Aug

Upcoming programmes - next three days

Between the Rhine and the Moselle Alsace and Lorraine offer many unexpected treasures. From the Alsatian vineyards to the Épinal print works, from Nancy's sumptuous Art Nouveau attractions to the famous Issenheim altarpiece, we journey along the Rhine and the Moselle... Director: Emmanuel Roblin (...
Canada, the adventure of the Far North Jérôme Pitorin sets off for an adventure in the Canadian North, in the wild and mountainous territory of Yukon. Described by Jack London in his novels "Call of the Wild" and "White Fang", this land of adventure is the playground of mushers and their sled dogs....
Louis Bertignac in Thailand The singer Louis Bertignac has been famous in France for almost forty years. For his "Starting Over" challenge he heads to Bangkok (Thailand) with just a backpack and his guitar. Directed by: Stéphane Basset (France, 2014)
Canada has been inhabited for almost 15,000 years. Where did its first inhabitants come from? How did they get there? What sort of ingenuity was needed for them to adapt to these new, unexplored, cold and often hostile lands? The story of this incredible adventure. Director: Yves Lévesque (Canada, 2017)

Upcoming programmes

Guests: Vaiteani. Vaiteani, or "celestial source" in Polynesian, and Luc, the Alsatian multi-instrumentalist, together comprise the duo Vaiteani, highlighted by Laurent Voulzy. They have released their eponymous thirteen-track album, which includes "Three Weeks", "Blind" and "Run Run". Presented by:...
A news magazine that questions, investigates, challenges and goes beyond the casual observation of current events, all in constant interaction with the public. Presented by: Franck Istasse.
Economy, culture, environment, heritage... the Mediterranean, birthplace of several civilisations, is at the centre of all of this century's changes, conflicts and evolution. Through views and portraits, by exploring a subject or the realities of a country, "Mediterraneo" provides a different...
An interview with a topical guest from the world of politics, economics or culture... Presented by: Patrick Simonin.


  • [DENMARK] TV5MONDE has launched on YouSee's IPTV offer

    Great news for Danish viewers: TV5MONDE is now available in the Flexible package and "À la carte" of the IPTV offer. If you're a YouSee's subscriber, you can now watch award-winning movies and French lifestyle mags - all subtitled in English

    The channel is also available on YouSee's cable offer ("À la carte" and Flex package).

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