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Guest: Gérald de Palmas. Presented by: Sébastien Folin.
Guests: Opus, Francis Lalanne, Pierre Perret, Laura Mayne, Fréro Delavega, Kim Carnes, Santa Esmeralda, Adamo, Collectif Métissé, Faada Freddy, Thierry Pastor, Thelma Houston, Tri Yann, Jeane Manson, Olivier de Benoist... Presented by: Patrick Sébastien, with Fabien Lecoeuvre, Élodie Gossuin, Gérald Dahan...
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"Stars parade" is a musical programme dedicated to African artists and their culture. Through its encounters and different genres, Stars parade gives African music a voice and spreads knowledge of it worldwide thanks to its cultural diversity and the richness of its melodies. Presented by: Boncana...

Upcoming programmes

Betty, 10 years old, finds herself alone with her parents who are separating and an uncommunicative governess when her older sister goes to boarding school. Then one day Yvon climbs the wall separating the family garden from the neighbouring asylum. Moved by his fragility, Betty decides to hide him......
An interview with a topical guest from the world of politics, economics or culture... Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
Cosme Programme summary: - Paolo Basso, sommelier at the Nespresso, Paris - Enrique Olvera, chef at the Cosme, New York - Ricardo Carpio, owner of the PiscoBar, Lima - Nathaniel Dobouin, co-founder of the Chambelland, Paris
Following the everyday lives of residents in Mistral, a working-class neighbourhood in Marseille, with all their joys and heartbreak, dramatic stories of love and hate, and the secrets lurking round the corner. With: Michel Cordes (Roland), Anne Decis (Luna), Sylvie Flepp (Mirta), Ambroise Michel (Rudy),...


  • Kindle Direct Publishing, Amazon’s self-publishing service, has teamed up with TV5MONDE, the leading Francophone cultural channel broadcast around the world, to launch Les Plumes Francophones - a large scale French-language writing competition. Authors and readers are invited to enter the contest Les Plumes Francophones and authors may have the opportunity to see their book become a bestseller on Amazon!

  • Developed by Eutelsat, Sat.tv is a smart EPG for tablets and smartphones; available for free download on the App and Google Play Store. Now millions of viewers in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East receiving free-to-air channels on HOTBIRD can get programme info for more than 300 channels in 5 languages, select their favourite content, receive alerts and get personalised recommendations. Watching the best of TV5MONDE has never been easier! 

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