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Crapaudine beetroot and cognac from Saintonge In the region around Saintes, Jean-Sébastien Robiquet makes cognac and is working to promote the liqueur by showcasing independent distillers from each "terroir". Flavien Petit is one of the last five growers of the crapaudine beetroot, a French heritage...
The wonder-workers of the fashion world In today's programme: - The Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne fashion school: a behind-the-scenes look - The Métiers d'Art show at the Ritz: we discover a little-known aspect of French heritage - Sewing machines: they revolutionised our...

Upcoming programmes

Following the everyday lives of residents in Mistral, a working-class neighbourhood in Marseille, with all their joys and heartbreak, dramatic stories of love and hate, and the secrets lurking round the corner. With: Michel Cordes (Roland), Anne Decis (Luna), Sylvie Flepp (Mirta), Ambroise Michel (Rudy),...
The game where everyone wants to be a winner. One quiz, six candidates and, comfortably installed in his chair, one champion... whom everyone dreams of unseating! Presented by: Nagui
A self-taught holder of numerous patents, a great aviator and boat collector, the Frenchman Félix Amiot remains a largely unknown captain of industry. Thierry Durand´s film examines his life, paralleling 20th century history, including his enthusiasm, low points and crises of conscience concerning both world...
A general knowledge quiz presented by Samuel Étienne. Presented by Samuel Étienne.

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