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Episode 11: Via Tolosana A woman's body is found in one of the stage towns along the Camino de Santiago with no form of identification on her and no-one appears to know her. Amongst the group of walkers is an ex-convict. Once identified, it turns out that he and the victim knew each other......
Episode 1: Childhood Aurore is 10 years-old. One evening in the council estate playground, she comes across 4 year-old Paulo and his little sister Maya. Paulo has a packet of cakes. Aurore is starving and asks for one. He refuses. She tries to take it by force, becomes furious and blows are exchanged......
Dublin, where Ireland's heart beats Dublin is certainly no traditional town out of time; it is sparkling, young, cosmopolitan, lively and creative. Between its Viking origins, its history where water has always dominated and its Celtic heritage, the capital of the Republic of Ireland is rich in...
1890: in a boarding school for young girls near Fontainebleau, Olivia, a young English girl, is upset by the headmistress, Miss Julie. Miss Cara, the mathematics teacher, strongly opposes her colleague's attitude towards the pupils, which is suspicious to say the least... Directed by: Jacqueline Audry...

Upcoming programmes

An interview with a topical guest from the world of politics, economics or culture... Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
The televised news programme from the Radio-Canada team.
Economy, culture, environment, heritage... the Mediterranean, birthplace of several civilisations, is at the centre of all of this century's changes, conflicts and evolution. Through views and portraits, by exploring a subject or the realities of a country, "Mediterraneo" provides a different...
Luc Noël passes on his passion for gardening and offers practical advice for cultivating, improving and decorating gardens. Floral compositions, visits to private gardens, the rhythm of the seasons and the various topics of this programme are enjoyable and useful to all. Hosted by: Luc Noël.


  • PROGRAMME CHANGE: President Macron address

    The French President Emmanuel Macron, will answer journalists' questions this Thursday 25th April at a press conference from 5:45pm - 8pm Paris time. This speech follows the results of the Grand Débat. 

    Objectif Monde, originally scheduled for 6:40pm will be moved to this Friday at 11:15pm 


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