• Sat 29 Jul 14:00

    From amongst the reserves of the Mobilier National in Paris, Stéphane Bern and his chroniclers take us behind the scenes of French art hi

  • Sat 29 Jul 18:31

    This year sees the return of Fort Boyard where numerous celebrities, each representing various charities, will face the trials of Fort Bo

  • Mon 31 Jul 21:01

    Travel around with ÉCHAPPÉES BELLES in this hugely popular and successful travel and discovery magazine with each programme focussing on

  • Drama series focussing on the complicated relationships between adolescents and their parents.

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Blackcurrants and mustard from the Dijon area Without the energy of producers like Fabrice, mustard production could have ended in the Dijon area. This is also the case for blackcurrants, despite being a product traditionally grown in Burgundy. Viviane and her daughter Elise display a genuine passion for...
Beautiful and rebellious La Rochelle In today's programme: - Ré's oyster farmers: an age-old activity on the Ile de Ré -The old port: the story of the port of La Rochelle, dating from the 13th century - Jeanne d'Albret: a look back on the life of the Queen of Navarre Guest: Grégory...

Upcoming programmes

A general knowledge quiz presented by Samuel Étienne. Presented by Samuel Étienne.
Storms at sea Since the warning given to one of the adventurers for abandoning his night watch, discontent is brewing and morale is low. But the arrival of a major storm refocuses people's priorities. Faced with adversity, the colonists stick together. Directed by: François Balcean (Canada, 2016)
The television news programme of the France 2 editorial board (8 p.m. edition, Paris time).
Fifteen-year-old Céline secretly moves into the outbuilding of a large upper-class home. One evening, she is found out, but manages to convince the owners, Judge Van Eyck and his wife, to let her stay. However, a series of revelations makes them wonder if Céline truly came to them by chance... Directed by:...

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