• It's judgement time. A person accused of a crime gets up and enters the court. What crime did they commit? What drove them to this extreme act?

  • Mon 19 Mar 23:03

    Alexandre, 15, lives a violent existence alone with his father, rebelling against everyone and everything.

  • Sun 18 Mar 19:33

    Maurice Chevalier, Jean Dujardin, Leslie Caron, Simone Signoret, Micheline Presle, Macha Méril, Francis Veber, Tchéky Karyo or Julie Delpy...

  • Sun 18 Mar 21:06

    It’s 1981 and the Trogi family are settlling into the house of their dreams. But scarcely having unpacked, the economic crisis hits them hard.

  • Léa Soler and Paul Marchal, two gendarmes, have to work together when Léa is transferred to Montpellier.

  • Wed 21 Mar 18:40

    The body of a shady businessman is found on the jetty in the port of Toga, in Bastia.

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Scallion and lemon from the Nice area In the Nice area, Jérémie Vozza, a young market gardener, grows scallion, this new onion used to make the legendary pan bagnat. A little further east at Menton, Laurent picks the lemons which have made the town so famous. Presented by: Guy Martin.
Episode 1: A fresh start A woman´s body is found in the vineyards, her eyes hideously mutilated. The victim had links to a local convent. But what sort of links? Could nuns really be involved in such a sordid affair? Directed by: Christophe Douchand (season 1, France, 2016) Screenplay: Jérémie Marcus...
Alexandre, 15, lives a violent existence alone with his father, rebelling against everyone and everything. To escape from this merciless everyday life, the young teenager rows on the Meuse river and has just one obsession: to win the Belgium championships. Sergi, his coach and Murielle, the young girl he...
Martin´s story One evening, Martin is curious when his son Ben comes home covered in mud and visibly panicking. The next day, he learns that Ben´s best friend has been raped. In light of his son´s suspicious behaviour, he starts to investigate, inadvertently attracting the attention of the police....

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An interview with a topical guest from the world of politics, economics or culture... Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
A daily programme of discovery, conviviality and local interest. It spends a week exploring the very best that a town and its region have to offer: the richness of their culture, heritage, traditions, crafts, associations, cuisine and gastronomy, but also their environment and professions or activities...
Burgundy: a question of taste With its châteaux, monuments, abbeys, nature parks and historical sites, Burgundy offers a wealth of tourist activities to delight those who love nature and fine food. Presented by: Jérôme Pitorin.
The television news programme of the France 2 editorial board (8 p.m. edition, Paris time).


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