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Episode 3 Valérie has nightmares about the witch of the well, a character out of local legend. In the hospital, she manages for the first time to heal a patient by looking into her family story. This makes her realize that she has the gift of healing by repairing her patients' pasts. Directed by:...
Between Béarn and Bigorre Crossing the Pyrenees between Béarn and Bigorre. A journey with no shortage of breath-taking moments and surprising heritage features. Directed by: Daniel Rihl (France, 2017)
A summer in Montreal Welcoming and cosmopolitan, Montreal is constantly reinventing itself and is today famous for its relaxed lifestyle. Raphaël heads off to discover a city offering an experience midway between the United States and Europe, where solidarity and friendliness are the watchwords....
100% Live at the Zénith An exceptional programme from the Zénith-Paris in favour of the AFM-Téléthon. All money received will go to the association to support research into rare and disabling genetic diseases. Amongst many others, the line-up includes Zazie, Patrick Bruel, Garou, Marc Lavoine and Pascal...

Upcoming programmes

Guest: David Hallyday. Presented by: Patrick Simonin.
The televised news programme from the Radio-Canada team.
The Basque Coast, a maritime land It is impossible to understand the Basque Country, its culture, and its history without taking a closer look at the peculiarities of this coast and the role, past and present, of the sea. It is a coast with personality, just like the Basque Country. Presented by: Éric...
« Passe-moi les Jumelles » invites the viewers to take a break and dream. On the line-up: emotions, encounters, travelling, favourites and breathtaking landscapes...


  • Agnès Varda, widow of Jacques Demy, is considered as one of the greatest french filmmakers of all time. In february, Jerusalem Cinematheque pays her tribute with special screenings of her iconic artwork (more info here).

    In April, TV5MONDE will offer a special retrospective of 3 movies by Agnès Varda - watch this space!

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